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May 27, 2008 12:14 PM

Las Vegas dinner options at 4:30pm

Because of the timing of flights, my friends and need to eat dinner our last day at 4:30pm. It seems like most places start serving dinner at 5pm and stop serving lunch at 2:30pm. Any suggestions? Very flexible on price.


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  1. SushiSamba at Palazzo. I need somebody to try it and write a review.

    1. Grand Lux Cafe at Palazzo

      just about anywhere off Strip

      1. If you are in the Venetian/Palazzo area, Zefferino, Postrio, Canaletto and Enoteca San Marco all stay open through the entire afternoon (Grand Canal Shoppes area). The last three are also right next to each other, so you have a chance to peruse the menu's and check the specials board before you have to make a decision (you should be able to walk in and grab a table easily at that time of day). Over in the Palazzo, Table 10, SushiSamba, Dos Caminos, and Morels remain open throughout the day.

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          You will find over a dozen options by going to and plug in your date and time.

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            Thanks - I had seen the opentable listings but QAW did a nice job of outlining some of the best options. Enoteca, in particular, I know is Batali's more casual outpost so perhaps I'll try there. Thanks, everyone.

          2. re: QAW

            Should be true of restuarants at the Forum shops.

          3. I'm also pretty sure that Mon Ami Gabi at Paris is open all day.