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May 27, 2008 11:52 AM

St. Augustine/Ponte Vedra area -- Restaurant suggestions????

Headed to Ponte Vedra/St. Augustine for the next few days for a conference. Need eats advice. PLEASE help!! Also, totally off topic -- may do a little ghost tour in St. Augustine...Any suggestions?

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  1. We ask everyone to keep focused on the food part of the questoin. General sightseeing and tourism discussion is best handled on one of the many excellent tourism forums that specialize in what they do best. Our thing is chow. Thanks for everyone's assistance.

    1. Search the board here for a recent St. Augustine Thread. But Saltwater Cowboys, Opus 39 , Creekside , Gypsy Cab Company, Tasting Room, and Old City House get fairly consistent reviews.

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        1. went to ruth chris on friday night august 15 and i had an okay experience. my service was outstanding and the food was fair and too expensive for what you got. i enjoyed our ahi tuna appetizer and our salad was delicious. after that we had a new york strip which was over seasoned, undercooked and fatty. the ribeye was similar with way too much butter for my arteries and very chewy. we enjoyed the whipped potatoes but the creamed spinach was a big disappointment. the creme brulee was very good and our server was definitely in tune to our needs. probably need a good bonus check to come back!.

          1. Restaurant Medure just reopened in PV and I heard they have some nice small dishes at the bar. Also the new Palm Valley Fish Camp is suppose to be really good but you need a reservation.
            Also Caps in Vilano Beach is a nice spot on the intercoastal.

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              Palm Valley Fish Camp is a very good restaurant - it has become the current family favorite for birthday meals.

              Palm Valley Fish Camp
              299 Roscoe Blvd N, Palm Valley, FL 32082