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May 27, 2008 11:45 AM

Caterer who provides BBQ Services In Toronto

Hi there,
Doing some research for someone and I'm wondering if anyone has any recommendations for a caterer who will cater a bbq for about 30-40 at someone's house in Toronto.
I'm looking for a fun summer bbq menu with something for kids as well.
Thanks for any recommendations!

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  1. Call Chezvous Catering, privately owned by Ezra Title. He does a great job. In fact he's at the Brickworks Farmers Market every Saturday bbq'ing. I hired him for Mr. Millygirl's 50th birthday and it was perfect. We had 14 people and everyone was blown away with the food. Plus he's a great guy, very creative so I'm sure he'd come up with something for the kids.

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      I second Ezra. millygirl recommended him to me for my boyfriend's birthday (we had a private cooking lesson - 4 courses) and it was just fabulous. Great food, great conversations. Gave us lots of tips on cooking. We asked him about BBQ because my bf wanted to have him back for a BBQ session with his guy friends, and he said he does do BBQ lessons. I am sure he also caters.

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        Hey guys,

        Thanks for the rec. I checked out his website and he sounds fantastic.
        I'm thinking of booking him for my housewarming party.

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          No problem hondapendragon. I'm sure you and your guests will be blown away. Please give us an update afterwards. And congrats on the house :)

    2. The Brickyard BBQ on the East Mall just one block north of the Queensway does IMHO the best ribs around. There Chicken is also very, very good. The BBQ sauce is amazing; you can purchase the sauce to take home. The Brickyard BBQ is one of my favorite places for a bite to eat.
      This is real BBQ, meaning the meat is cooked with the use of smoke. Unlike grilling, cooking meat hours and hours with smoke creates a wonderful flavour that grilling can never create. If you look at the rib or chicken, there is a thin reddish/pink line in the meat, this is from the smoke.
      The web site says they do catering.

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        Are they back ribs or side ribs??


        1. re: Davwud

          They are side ribs. The side ribs stand up to the longer cooking time. And as I understand, most Kansas City style BBQ use side ribs. I'm not wishing to start a what is better back or side ribs battle. I always say, if it tastes good, then it is. After all, one can not account for 'taste', just look at the long line for lunch at McDonald's or the bakery shop at Supermarkets (maybe I shouldn’t say this?).

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            While I tend to agree. I certainly wouldn't turn down a great set of ribs no matter where they came from. Or what animal.
            I'm just saying my personal preference/what seems to be true.

            Ribs, like with anything. Good food is good because it's good. No matter what it is.


            1. re: Pastryrocks

              We tried Brickyard on Saturday. I was very excited to try the ribs. Much to my dismay there not nearly as good as people have posted.
              There wasn't much smoke flavour nor smoke ring to them. They were also back ribs. The more I have bb's as opposed to side ribs, the more I think they're by far inferior. The sauce was fantastic but under the sauce was the same old baby back rib taste that everyone gets. So basically, they're the same ribs as Baton Rouge but with a much better sauce.
              Didn't like the choice of sides to go with it. Fries (fine), mashed (okay), sauted veggies (huh), basmati rice (plain. As in nothing but rice cooked in water). IMHO if you're trying to promote yourself as a rib place (the phone number ends RIBS) you should offer things like cornbread and beans at least. You got your choice of two sides. I took fries, hold the second side.
              I won't be back.


        2. I went to a couple work BBQs done by the Great Canadian BBQ (or something like that), it was pretty good

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            1. Thanks everyone for your replies!