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May 27, 2008 11:41 AM

Eddie's House (Phoenix)

Anyone been yet? We have reservations for next Saturday but wanted a preview of what to expect.


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    1. Several of these items are carryovers from his prior restaurants. It looks like he's trying to combine his classics (e.g. Mo' Rockin' Shrimp) with new flavors. It's similar to what Christopher Gross is doing at his new place.

      I find Matney's food to be like a three-ring circus. At first, it's exciting as the bold flavors assert themselves. After a while, though, it can be overwhelming. My advice is to pace yourself. Despite its healthful image, Matney's food at his previous establishments was sometimes quite filling and heavy. If the new place is similar, you might want to share some dishes, order half-sized entrees, or order appetizers as entrees.

      Sounds like it will be fun. Please report back.

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      1. re: silverbear

        I remember reading in Seftel's pre-opening blurb that he would be offering smaller entree selections and that is good advice. I like the trhee-ring circus analogy.

        1. re: AzDumpling

          We were big fans of his old place but agree some of the food could be overwhelming (the ball o'steak (my name not his) comes to mind) but its nice to see some old classics with some new dishes.

          1. re: avandelay

            is there a happy hr like his old place?

            1. re: drewb123

              I for one, think E. Matney is a joke. Honestly the food is NOT good and I really can"t see why anyone would want to go there with so many better options around. All personality, no skills.

              1. re: sxfan

                Couldn't agree more. He is a publicity hound but that's about as far as his talents go. I was so underwhelmed with his food.

                And I still can't get the image out of my head from when I was having lunch at Pischke's a few months ago and Eddie stopped by to say hi to Bob McGrath. The whole time they were talking Eddie has his hand down his pants scratching his tush. Gross.