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May 27, 2008 11:29 AM

colorful cupcakes

My friend's birthday is coming up and she asked me to make cupcakes. I'd like to make the cake part her favorite color- pink. Does anyone have suggestions for how to accomplish this? I've found a few pink food coloring options but don't really want to pay for shipping on a $2 item... any suggestions?

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  1. There was a recent discussion on getting pink frosting. Depends on the shade.

    Raspberry, strawberry, cherry preserves. Use regular red food coloring - it makes pink. Hit a Michaels store or similar (craft store has cake decorating supplies), Sur La Table, or kitchen supply stores have gel food coloring and will have pink that can result in a bright pink color. Or a combination of the two...

    1. You can buy dye in most craft stores or party stores for frosting. Here's a great video on making flower cupcakes. Really easy and pretty. If you want something more natural, you can reduce strawberries (frozen are easy) in sugar water, drain in a sieve and use the syrup in the frosting.


      1. lhb78 wants to make the "cake part" pink not the frosting. You can make a strawberry cake and that will get you pink or you can find red food coloring at the market which is very reasonable-Schilling.

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          Ahh - you can just add food coloring, or if you replace some of the liquid with a puree of red fruit that can work too.

        2. Food coloring is the obvious way, but you can use a myriad of fruit purees to color the cake and/or frosting.
          Process the fruit in a Cuisinart with 1/4 cup of sugar per pound of fruit. Push the resulting puree though a fine sieve.

          1. I have used a "neon" food coloring that I found in Safeway that was a very intense pink. (It may have been Schilling brand?) I used this on some strawberry cupcake frosting for a little girl. They were super pink. I recently bought some hibiscus powder at a natural food store to try out as a food coloring. I used it to boost the pink color of a rhubarb sauce that topped cupcakes. It was a more natural color, more of a mauve.