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May 27, 2008 11:19 AM

Affordable Eats

I'm a 'hound from Los Angeles who needs your help!! :-)

Me and my boyfriend are flying up to San Fran on Friday morning for a weekend get-away with another couple. We will all be staying with a girlfriend of mine who lives in the Russian Hill/ Marina area... but we're willing to explore other areas for good cheap eats.

My friend works at a restaurant called "Circa," just to give you an idea of her scene. Anyway, eating out every meal with a group of six can be pricey! We love food, want to have great culinary experiences while in the city, but are POOR as all hell.

Any ideas? I need recs for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Any type of food is ok (from sushi to lebanese) as long as it has a good bang-for-your-buck ratio! Thanks!!!

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    1. Also, searching the SF Chronicle's "Bargain Bites" writeups might be worthwhile...

      1. Every time this topic comes up reccomend L'Osteria del Forno: Cash only, no reservations, tiny hole in the wall in North Beach. WONDERFUL Pizzas and roasts. Damn near impossible to pay more than $20/person before tax tip and wine.

        Also, I'm a big fan of Helmand Palace (Afghan) on Van Ness and Benjarong Thai on Lombard. All of these places are walkable for you (though L'Osteria might be a bit of a trek -- about half an hour by foot from Circa).

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          Thanks so much! These places sound great :-)