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May 27, 2008 11:16 AM

Mutton (lamb would do) BBQ in TX??

For some reason my last visit to Kentucky's Moonlite BBQ came into my mind and I wondered whether anywhere in TX adds mutton (lamb is OK but mutton is more flavorful) to their meats line-up?

Of course I've seen cabrito but I find it lacks much flavor and can be overly lean and therefore dry.

Mutton/lamb are wonderful BBQ meats I think and I just have to believe it's "out there" somewhere.

Can anyone point out where please?

Thanks in advance.


p.s. (if ever within sniffing distance of Owensboro KY check out the Moonlite and particularly their ultra savory mutton: gamey, greasy and gorgeous the three G's)

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  1. Sam's BBQ in Austin serves mutton....and it is GOOD!

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    1. re: Honey Bee

      2 minutes. Not bad for a response in the affirmative. Thank you!. I have never been to Sam's but Austin is not so far away at all.
      This must auger well. Thanks Honey Bee.

      1. re: Honey Bee

        Whoa! The mutton is even featured on this youtube This place definitely looks good.

        1. re: bishopsbitter

          Sam's is a little run down shack on the east side, but thepeople are friendly and the food is good and it is open until 3 am ( or sometime around then) Here is a link to a review with excellent photos:

      2. The Smokehouse off Rigsby in San Antonio has lamb. It's greasy, by which I mean it's delicious.

        1. I know Southside Market in Elgin has Mutton. I had it when I was last there and it was ok... Sausage rocked the world though.

          1. Finally made it to Sam's today for mutton (and sausage).

            An interesting place --- as has been observed, perhaps not exuding as much spic-and-spanness as it could, but OK --- this. Definite feeling that legions, batallions, moo-gleplexes of cows, pigs and sheep have been slowly cooked here over the years for appreciative carnivores.

            Now for the mutton. This came in the form of ribs which were weighed then individually sliced. The initial impression was that they looked quite blackened and charred and perhaps overdone, but the nice thing about mutton is that its grease quotient will keep it from drying out pretty much no matter what befalls it, and that was the case. I think these may have lain in wait since 4am (they close late: I was there just after 10am) but once you started in the meat was there, the char was not overwhelming although perhaps just a tad so, and the flavor was exactly what you want in mutton: robust. (I can still taste-literally-them yet 5 hours later).

            With mutton I break my rule (also at Arthur Bryant's in KC because their sauce is so much to my taste) of no sauce with good meat. Mutton I think requires exactly the sort of thin, slightly citrus-acidic-pepper sauce they serve here. Without the sauce it is just a bit too greasy & , well, mutton-ey.

            Sauce marks A+

            The sausage I give a C++(-) I detected some filler I think and while it is not an unpleasant concept (typical of English sausage, and part of the taste of those) the sort of "sausage-as-meatloaf" taste did not gel for me very well in TX.

            There are only 2 booths and a table so I imagine at peak hours you get to make some new friends here. The lady serving was very nice although the style is haphazard (but gets there in the end, and fine) , and as I say, maybe a PG-13 rating for those with a Mr Clean fetish. But really, more in the mold of McSorley's Old Ale House NY . . . not really dirty, just "lived in" more than anything. After all this place barely closes.

            Also very reasonable prices I thought. You are not going to break the bank here by any means no matter what you order.

            I will return when it's not an off-hour and do full justice to a pound or two of that mutton again.

            Thanks for the tip that led to this visit.


            Sam's BBQ
            2000 E. 12th St., Austin, TX 78702
            Phone: 512-478-0378