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May 27, 2008 10:35 AM

Alternative to French Laundry?

A few Chowhounds from Phx are going to be in SF/Napa area in a month or so. We are on the waiting list at French Laundry (yes, we are holding our collective breaths). In any event, we would like some options should we not get into French Laundry. We are having dinner at Gary Danko during the trip, but need a "wine country" alternative.


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      1. I would go Redd or Martni House - both have Chef driven tasting Menus.

        1. Redd? not in the same category, but I've heard good things.

          1. I love Martini House but it is not the same type of experience (from what I'm told -- never been to FL). I'd go to Cyrus if you don't get in to FL, if that is the type of experience you are looking for.