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May 27, 2008 10:29 AM

Nashville Recs (just moved)

I just moved to Nashville from Boston, so I'm looking for any and all recommendations. I'm especially looking for a good bakery (Boston is a good town for such things at this point, and I'm much happier if I can get good bread), interesting grocery stores (I'm living less than a mile from K&S world market and they make me happy - very similar to a few places back in Boston) and cheap places to eat out.

Additionally, any resturant supply places, etc would be useful for various kitchen items / bulk baking supplies and such.


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  1. As for interesting grocery stores, I would say Whole Foods (in Green Hills) is about it. For bulk foods I would try Sam's, Costco, or the Cash & Carry restaurant supply on Charlotte Pike in west nashville (they carry Sysco brands). For restaurant supply, I recommend L&L Restaurant Equipment also on Charlotte Pike in west nashville.

    For restaurant recs, I would do a search of this board.

    1. You don't say which K&S you live near, but the one on Charlotte is near a Mexican bakery, also on Charlotte. There are four bakeries in Green Hills, including a Panera, Great Harvest, Bread & Company and Whole Foods. All good.

      Now that Wild oats is Whole Foods, the days of inexpensive bulk baking supplies are gone -- I am a bulk baker too. Don't know where to send you except Sam's or Whole Foods for whole grains.

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        when i lived there I LOVED Brown's cafe for a burger ad fries or hush puppies and a bottle of bud. This is far from refined eating and I have no idea what ake the burgers so great- i can't say they are made with amazing ingredients or anythgin liek that but boy is it good. They are located in a trailer by Harris Teeter- I think on Old Hillsboro (but I could be off on that- it's been years). Tehy only take cash but since you ca eat there for$5 that isn't a huge issue.
        Sunset Grill is a favorite for a nice date night. hat's all that is coming to mind right now. Oh and Bread and Company (across from the Blue Note - or is it Beat LOL) has such great sandwiches on their daily made specialty bread- their cookies and such are nothing to sniff at either-- you just might run into Nicole Kidman as she seems to like grabbing her coffee there. I liek the Steeplechase sandwich and the soup is also fabulous. I got fat picking up a sandwich and cookie every night.

        1. re: LittleTricky

          Yes. It's actually called Brown's Diner, and it is in a trailer at the corner of 21st Ave S and Blair Blvd. They do serve a mean hamburger.

          And Bread & Company in Green Hills is actually across from the Bluebird Cafe.

          Now for my 2 cents. Here are 7 restaurants that will serve as a crash course in Middle Tennessee dining.

          1. Arnold's Country Kitchen. This is what we call a "meat and three". This simply means you choose a meat and three sides. There are a lot of these in Nashville, but Arnold's is the best. It's traditional Southern cuisine, which is, for better or worse, the backbone and foundation of our culinary heritage. Menu changes daily and they're only open for lunch.

          2. Martin's Bar-B-Q Joint. This is actually out in Nolensville, Tennessee, which is about 30 minutes away. But taking a drive out to the country can be nice. Barbecue, of course, is very prevalent in Tennessee. Martin's is the best in this area, so why not start there? This way you can have a standard against which to judge all the other BBQ you will encounter.

          3. Prince's Hot Chicken. Hot Chicken seems to be kind of a regional specialty. It's different from hot wings, because there's no sauce. The heat comes from the dredge. This is some seriously incredible fried chicken.

          4. The Capitol Grille in the Hermitage Hotel. This one is a little more fancy. This is a grand old restaurant in a grand old hotel. It's a great special occasion restaurant, with a menu that ranges from the traditional to the post-modern.

          5. Margot
          6. Radius10
          7. Watermark

          Margot, Radius10 and Watermark represent some of the best of what's happening "now", in terms of chef-driven restaurants. All three of these are really doing incredible things and doing it with incredible consistency.

          If you have further questions, I would be happy to help you out. I hope you enjoy it here!

        2. re: fluffernutter

          Clarifying that would be good; I'm a quarter-mile from the intersection of Nolensville and Wallace Rd. The K&S I'm referring to is a couple hundred feet beyond that intersection.

        3. The best bakery in town for fresh, European-style bread is Provence. There is one in the library downtown and the original is in Hillsboro Village on 21st Avenue. It truly beats everyone else hands down. Referencing grocery stores, we are getting a Trader Joe's in Green Hills, so that might qualify as interesting. It's certainly a personal favorite. For cheap eats, I would suggest Rotier's, Brown's Diner or Fat Mo's for burgers, Baja Burrito or Los Cazuelas for Mexican, Mary's Barbeque near Fisk University, Monell's in Germantown for meat and three and Margot's for a special occasion.

          1. Margot and Watermark are completely above the pack in Nashville dining. Nothing else can touch them.
            I do like Bread and Company for a sandwich lunch and Prince's Hot Chicken is an experience not to be missed.

            1. Nashville BBQ that's both the best and the most reasonable is Center Point BBQ on Madison Pike just as you get into Hendersonville (it's worth the drive) enjoy