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Best Thai in Baltimore

We frequent the restaurant Thai on Greenmount especially for its superb pra and larb. The curries and other dishes have been less than impressive.

I would love to hear about the food, pricing, and overall experience of other Baltimore Thai establishments.

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    1. I like Thai Landing and Thai Arroy!

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        those are my two favorites!

      2. Thai Arroy for sure. The food is amazing (better than a lot of what I've eaten in NYC), prices are great, and it's BYOB.

        Thai Landing is just ok, and overpriced for what it is, I think.

        Ban Thai = Bad Thai

        I've eaten at Thai Restaurant on Greenmount twice and the food was horrible. I think it's because they specialize in beef and Isaan specialities, so the vegetarian dishes I got weren't really their forte; they tasted like bad Chinese food. Ick.

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          I agree with your assessment of the veggie dishes, but the meat/fish has been great.

        2. Another vote for Thai Arroy. I don't generally go anywhere else because Thai Arroy is so good and so close.

          1. as you can see, it's tough to argue with thai arroy. it seriously rocks.

            1. My thai on Charles st in Mt Vernon is really good.

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                My Thai is ok. I live on the opposite corner from it, but I still go to Thai Arroy when I want Thai food despite the distance. That's how much better it is :)

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                  What makes Thai Arroy so much better? I've only been once, but I was underwhelmed by a bland curry and unremarkable tastes of my tablemates' food. What should I order if I go back?

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                    I know this isn't in Baltimore, but I say go to Bangkok Garden in Columbia. It's worth the drive... better than any place in Baltimore for sure.

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                      My wife is Thai and we lived in Bangkok for 12 years and then moved to Columbia for several years. During the time in MD we visited just about every Thai restaurant between Baltimore and
                      Northern VA and Bangkok Garden was our definite favorite. Not only is the food great but it is also truly authentic. I

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                        Bangkok Garden in Columbia and Thai Heaven in Catonsville are my favorites.

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                          I used to go to Bangkok Garden all the time back in the day. The place got me started on Thai food. I hadn't gone for a long time and decided to check it out again on a whim last week. I was a bit disappointed, especially after I had hyped up the place to my SO. It wasn't as good as I remembered, it wasn't as good as most say on this board, and it wasn't as good as Thai Heaven.

                          First, we asked for properly spicy and reconfirmed our preference repeatedly, and they just did not deliver on that front. Even the drunken noodles hardly had a kick. Second, their Thai Green Salad was just a simple salad, which would still have been ok, but then they threw canned pineapples in there. It felt like they did that just to "make it Thai". Furthermore, the drunken noodles were very oily, and even then the noodles were sticking together. We had recently had outstanding drunken noodles at Sripraphai in Queens (not oily and not sticking), and even Thai Heaven can make them better (a little oily, but no stick.) Sorry, very particular when it comes to my drunken noodles. Their steamed Turbo fish with lemon sauce was very good, however. Even with that, they did seriously skimp on the rice and it tasted like they used store bought sweet chili sauce. I actually make Thai-style sweet chili sauce all the time, and this one tasted store bought to me. Not a big deal, and I would order the dish again.

                          The mango sticky rice was just OK. I like mine with a cold mango and this one was mildly cool. The rice was too sweet (too much coconut cream on top) and it tasted like they heated up already cooked rice. Considering how quick it came out after we ordered, there's no way they could have cooked a fresh batch of rice (which is the only way the rice could have been that hot.) Also, the hot rice would have felt a lot better if the mango was colder. Honestly, the mango sticky rice I get from the JFX farmer's market on Sundays is better. Yes, I am a mango sticky rice fanatic.

                          Service was very good, however. With two apps (second was small soup), two entrees, two drinks (iced tea and coffee), and one dessert the meal came out to $70 (including tip). Felt a bit expensive considering how so many things were off the mark. I really wanted them to be better. Next day we went to Thai Heaven, and everything was good.