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May 27, 2008 10:26 AM

Pellet grill or Kamado style?

Hey, has anyone compared a pellet grill with a kamado style grill? Looking to get my hubby a Father's day gift and not sure if I should get a Trager or a Green Egg. Any suggestions? He loves to slow cook BBQ, including ribs, but also the basics, steaks, hamburgers, etc.

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  1. I would stay away from the Tragers as you have to burn their compressed sawdust wood pucks. A pain to find and more expensive. I recently bought a Big Green Egg and I love it. It slow cooks and smokes perfectly. I could blather on and on about the egg. I was pretty skepical about this product but to say I'm thrilled with it is an under statement. A BGE would make a wonderfull gift. The BGE is easy to use and you can get natural lump charcoal many places now including Royal Oak at Wally World. BGE has many dealers.

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      I second the BGE suggestion. I am a long time user of the similar Imperial Kamado, and have to say I don't think I will ever consider another metal grill/smoker, unless it is the old cast iron "hibachi" that I use for things that don't require a covered grill. My Kamado is a bit more fragile than the BGE since it is the old fashioned earthenware instead of hi-temp ceramic, but I love it and find it hard to really ruin things on it. Did some fantastic tandoori style chicken skewers over the weekend, and the earthenware construction worked like a charm. I did not have the temp quite high enough so they had to cook longer than I wanted, but they were still moist and juicy.
      I'd say go for the Imperial Kamado or BGE all the way.

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        I would have to agree with the other replies, the ceramic cookers are incredibly versatile and allow you to use a variety of fuel. I doubt you will find a ceramic owner who cautions you away!

        You would do well with most any of the ceramic brands. There are also attractive tiled versions such as those made by Komodo Kamado if you want to stylize your purchase. Just be sure to do your homework, as not all ceramic grills are created equal, and there can be a hefty price difference between brands.

    2. We bought a Big Green Egg last weekend. My husband was looking at smokers but we decided to go with the BGE as it seemed more versatile.

      We've only had it less than a week but we have used it everyday (we live in Phoenix and don't use the kitchen during the summer!). So far we love it. I expected a big learning curve but its easy to use and the results delicious.

      We did look at the Traeger when looking at smokers and as mentioned didn't like being tied into their pucks. Had we gone with a straight smoker he'd decided on a Weber Smoky Mountain. If you haven't you might want to look at those as well.