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May 27, 2008 10:08 AM

PA/DE/ MD: Last Minute University of Delaware Graduation Dilemma for incoming NYC family

Hello Everyone,

I am solicting any advice that can be given for locations for an after University of Delaware graduation on May 31st. I know it's this Saturday however I plead busy graduate student thesis exhaustion for my procrasination.

The situation: I have roughly 15 people coming in from New York City for my graduation. I have 2-3 vegetarians, 1 low salt diet, 1 low cholestrol diet and one unconfirmed person with seafood allergies. Everyone is over 18 and will probably be pretty hungry after attending both graduation ceremonies. I am open to any type however the party contains people from the Caribbean (Jamaica, Costa Rica, St. Vincent, Antigua, Haiti, and Cuba) and Louisana. Any Creole/ Caribbean suggestions would have to be really on point. I am willing to drive anywhere in the tri-state area (PA, DE, MD). I just ask that it is good, large portioned, reasonable, and willing to take large parties.

So I plead, does anyone have any suggestions?

Frazzled Grad Student

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  1. Congrats on your graduation! I don't know any caribbean places, but Domaine Hudson has an interesting menu Try searching for Wilmington on this board and you should come up with some good suggestions.