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Nov 25, 2002 07:23 PM

Abbot's Pizza

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Is it really as good as people say? What are their best pizzas? Any recommendations and tips welcome.

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  1. I've always thought they were Waaaay overrated, notable largely because they are willing to glom any damn thing on top of the crust.

    Johnnie's in Westwood is much superior.

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    1. re: gj

      I think they're good. The crust is thin and a kind of crunchy (unlike the spongy kind you get most places.) I love the olive pesto they use for some of their pizzas-- especially the 3 mushroom pizza and the onion pizza. Delicious---what's not to like?

      1. re: underblog

        To each his own. I find the crust bland and uninteresting, as is the sauce. Basically just lots of designer ingredients tossed on top to try to make the place stand out.

        1. re: gj
          Morris Malken

          There was a similar discussion of Abbot's Pizza in here last year. See the link below. Is it true their crust is similar to bagel dough or was that an exaggeration?


          1. re: Morris Malken
            Michael Robertson Moore

            They do boast of "bagel crust pizza"

            The pizza described in the post you link to bears little resemblance to what I've eaten at Abbot's. Too much cheese? Closer to too little, and I HATE excessively cheesy pizzas with long strings of mozzarella trailing after a bite. 1/4 inch crust? MAYBE 1/8, and very crisp. True, the edge doesn't puff up, but that's not a catastrophe. And why should this fellow be so upset that he was offered poppy seeds on his crust? They aren't mandatory. I think there are NY expatriates out there who cling as obsessively to purist notions about pizza as they do to the other tokens of identity they hope will distinguish them from shallow Angelenos. If NY is the pizza capital of the US, it's also the bad pizza capital of the US.

            Please pardon the rant.

    2. Although I may be in the minority here, I do like their pizza. I'll be the first to admit they have off days, but in general it's pretty good. It's certainly better than almost anything else in the immediate neighborhood.

      I particularly enjoy the BBQ chicken pizza and a cheese pizza with fresh tomato and basil only. Some people love the 5 onion, but I don't care for it personally. The spicy chicken pizza is decent, but it IS quite spicy.

      1. m
        Michael Robertson Moore

        Abbot's is quite good, though I sometimes suspect they use the same size chunk of dough on their small pizza as they do on their large, which is why the former seems to have too thick a crust, whereas the latter is just right.

        In my experience, Johnnie's NY Pizza (the one on Santa Monica, across from the Century City mall) produces the sort of mediocre, soggy slice you'll find on every other streetcorner in NYC. Can't speak for any of their other locations.

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        1. re: Michael Robertson Moore

          Michael Robertson Moore is right. Nobody says that it's glorious pizza, just that it's darned good. A good place for vegetarians and even vegans, to boot.

        2. this is absolutely the best pizza in the west. great crust and outstanding toppings

          1. Pizza in LA is equivalent to Mexican in NY. You just aren't going to find fantastic pizza here out here, for whatever reason.

            Having said that, there are quite a few decent pizzas in LA, just nothing comparable to NY. I would count Abbot's as one of these decent places. The bagel crust IS a bit bland, but it's an interesting texture, and something different. I think the toppings are creative, fresh, and fairly tasty. The Venice spot has a good funky vibe.

            Other decent pizza places, IMO, include Joe Peep's, Mulberry, The Coop, Zelo's, Village, and LaMonica's. My vote for the best thin crust probably goes to Pissano's in Hermosa Beach. Casa Bianca is not bad if you get the sausage and green pepper, though it's not as superb as some people (and the lines) say.

            There also some really horrendous pizzas around, such as BJ's, Numero Uno (not to be confused with Pizzeria Uno,) Johnnie's, and quite a few neighborhood spots. Definitely more bad pizza than good around here.

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            1. re: scoot

              Scoot, you are so right on. People go on and on about how great the Mexican is and how great the pizza is and how there's good Korean and good Italian but you are not going to get any better than decent bulgogi, decent carnitas, decent pizza, decent sag paneer, decent fish tacos, decent pastrami, decent bagels, decent salads, decent oranges and avocadoes in this town.