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May 27, 2008 09:21 AM

Where can I get the best Hamburger Buns?

Looking for either classic white bread, sesame, or challah, onion buns, etc. What's the best bun for a burger in T.O?

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  1. Toronto Bread seems to serve many local burger joints. They have large white sesame buns which I have used many times. I really like their yellow poppy seed hot dog buns and sub rolls as well. They are open to the public and relatively cheap.

    Toronto Bread Co.
    34 Progress Ave
    Scarborough, ON , M1P 2Y4
    Phone: 416-291-4828

    I have been looking for an onion bun my parents used to get at the St. Lawrence Market. It was a yellow onion bun with a little nest of onion baked into the middle of the bun. Can someone point me in the right direction as to where I might be able to pick up something similar?

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      Ace makes pretty good ones that come 4 to a pack. I've also picked up some wonderful hamburger/hot dog buns at Oliffes and Summerhill Market.

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        Silverstein's makes the onion buns. Get them at the bakery on McCaul near Baldwin - call to find out when they'll be ready, since they are ruined once packaged.

        Bagel World's onion buns were among the best. I don't know whether they still make the buns, but I had their pletzel (what you describe, but the size of a pizza) recently and it was very good.

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          I believe this place supplies Johnny Burger at VP and sheppard.

          I find it unbelievable that it's so hard to find a non-sesame buns in a grocery store. The only non-sesame seed buns are from dempsters and they suck.

          When I was johnny burger last I tried to look at bag of buns so I could get some and I believe this was place on the label of the bag.

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          1. when i'm makin a killer burger...i use an olive bun. Thuet has good one's on King Street.

            1. Summerhill Market makes a pretty mean burger bun. They have whole wheat, white and Sesame.

              1. embee I looked up what a pletzel is and it's not quite what I'm after.

                It was a sweet(ish) yellow bun a bit bigger than a dinner roll but about the same shape, baked inside the actual bun was what I'm assuming was sauteed red onion (possibly reconstituted onion). If you'd take a cross section of the bun there would be a little pile of pinkish onion baked into the center of the bun.

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                    Silverstein's buns are the size of a kaiser, but flatter, and have the onions baked into the top.

                    I'd call Bagel World, Kiva's, and Harbord Bakery and describe exactly what you want. Open Window is another possibility, but their quality isn't very high.