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May 27, 2008 09:11 AM

[DFW] Denton Area Taquerias/Mexican [DFW]

Does anyone ever have that notion to go to some small hole in the wall place that everyone overlooks and drives by. Well since I am hardly in the area (Denton) anymore I have two place that I recently drove by and they were actually closed when I drove by. One is Veronica's Cafe and Taco lady both on McKinney in Denton and about two block from each other. There are two others I have also seen closed at night. Pollo Bueno and Esters Tortilleria. If someone in the area can give a report on these I would appreciate it.

I ahve provided a hand little map from the City of Denton...has all the restaurants in town on it...I did noticed they left off a few (Rasoi and International Food of Denton)

Denton has an abundance of chains but there are quite a few finds (i.e. Metzlers on Londonderry for BBQ, Fischer's German Plate, and the best beer selection in town; Rasoi for the only place in Denton to get Indian..not the best but sufficient for the craving; Greenhouse for all around good food that is freshly prpepared not warmed in the microwaved or fried; Cool Beans for the queso (I had to put a favorite from the college days); Frilly's not bad for Cajun; International Food of Denton just for the change from the norm)

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  1. Sorry, don't have any info on those. However, La Mexicana on Locust a couple of blocks south of the Square is fantastic, and certainly a hole in the wall. Specializing in mariscos (seafood). I am there about once a week. Great place to get your traditional Xmas tamales!