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May 27, 2008 08:39 AM

One Night, One Dinner in Berlin

I'm there for roughly 24 hours, arriving Wednesday at like 2:45pm and staying in the Courtyard downtown (mitte?) on Axel Springer strasse. I'd love to grab a nice pilsner and a good German meal outdoors somewhere. I'm on an expense account, but would rather go upscale comfort and fun rather than posh. Any suggestions would be nice. I might be eating alone or with a co-worker.

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  1. Here is a repost to your inquiry in the other thread just in case you didn't catch it:

    I think I would [go to ETA Hoffman], even though its not in hip Mitte or P'berg. The Hofgarten is lovely and worth strolling through before dinner, and the food was really beautiful and fresh and tasked like Spring. The 3,4,5-gang menus are a good value- check out the scallops, the tagliarini with white summer truffles, and the asparagus, for sure.

    It's not in Mitte, but I did see tables set outside in a tiny garden off the dining room (no one was eating out there at the time). The atmospshere didn't seem very stuffy or formal, but the decor is a bit meh. The food makes up for it though.

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      I went on Wednesday night. it was dead inside, but the spargel was delicious. Brought back a lot of memories. Service was spectacular as well, the waiter picking a fabulous German wine to go with dinner.

    2. The original comment has been removed