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May 27, 2008 08:28 AM

Can I combine food and scenery into one gorgeous day trip?

I'm sheduled for a meeting in San Francisco, beginning June 16. But I'm arriving on June 15 (a Sunday) and have the whole day free. My plane is due in at 10 a.m.. My thought was to pick up a car that could be dropped off in town that evening, and head out. I would like to checking into my hotel around 8 p.m.
I would like to see the ocean, some redwoods, a winery or two (though it's not a wine tour per se), and eat all along the way - anything is fair game, from roadside farm stands to picnics to a nice dinner spot.
I'd love to see Muir Woods though the consensus seems that it's ungodly mobbed on weekends. Is there an alternative? And Point Reyes looks lovely. Is there anything picnic-worthy around there?
Thank you!!!!!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Folks, we'd like to ask everyone to keep focused on chow. General sight seeing and tourism are beyond Chowhound's mission. Please recommend places where the food is great, first and foremost. Thanks everyone.

      1. Yes, I am looking for places/things to eat as I'm driving north from Muir Woods.

        1. I'd say Seaweed Cafe in Bodega Bay, but unfortunately it may be closed or in the midst of an ownership change.

          The Cowgirl Creamery complex in Point Reyes Station's a good place to stock up for a picnic.

          Some topics on the West Marin area:

          1. Our last scenic weekend outting was to Pt. Reyes. As Robert mentions, the Cowgirl Creamery Complex is a great little place to stop for picnic supplies: wine, cheese, sandwiches, salads, desserts, etc. The staff was incredibly helpful and indulgent in terms of letting us sample the goods and offering combination suggestions. We loaded up on napkins and utensils, and even had them pop the cork because we forgot our corkscrew (the cork was re-inserted and the bottle kept in the trunk in a paper bag, of course).

            We then proceeded to Johnson's Oyster Farm and picked up a sack of oysters (Drake and Hog Island are other possibilities). Typically, the oyster farms themselves are teeming with people (read: loud people with children and radios). So we kept driving, keeping an eye out on the road for signs that led to parks and tiny beaches just off the main road. There are many spots with picnic tables and park benches overlooking the bay.

            We had:
            -xsmall and small oysters
            -Humbolt Fog cheese
            -some kind of aged parmesan that my friend picked out
            -a Molinari's salami from SF
            -a lovely white wine that was featured as a "great with oysters" choice at the Cowgirl Creamery store
            -plenty of ACME baguettes
            -a to die for 180 degree view of the inner bay.

            Depending where you are staying, maybe you'd do better checking in, taking a breather, and then walking to your dinner restaurant. Just an idea; enjoy your stay!