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need nice italian restaurant - midtown

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business lunch, ~50th St./Park-ish, boss needs ideas for Italian Client Lunch (2 ppl) and i'm clueless b/c i'm from Queens :(

can anyone help asap? tried looking on citysearch but to be honest trust you guys a lot more! its for TODAY too so anything uber-hard to get booked is out :/

thanks very much in advance :)

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    1. Luna Piena has reopened after renovations. 53rd St. between 3rd & 2nd. Haven't been to Cellini (65 E. 54th) in a long time, but it used to be really nice and I think would be right for business. Good spacing of the tables, nice service, good food.

      1. Insieme is a few blocks to the west of you (near B'way) on 50th or 51st. I've done same day reservations, before, so give it a try. Excellent, pricey food, sleek modern decor, good wine list, and the wait staff won't hurry you.

        1. Mia Dona? Might be too late and a bit far. I have not been personally.


          1. It's a bit of a walk or a very very short cab ride but I suggest Vice Versa


            1. just wanted to say thank you very much for all the recommendations, very much appreciated :)

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                Hey, usernameistaken,

                Where did you end up? How was it?

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                  i ended up booking him at the suggestion Insieme - he didnt really say anything but thats good! no news it good news! (you know how bosses are!) :)

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                    Thanks for the response, usernameistaken. Even though we've not been to Insieme yet, we have been to older sibling Hearth. So, I think you chose wisely. Yes, always a good thing to please the boss!