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May 27, 2008 07:24 AM

Cheap Eats in Vegas

I will be spending a week in Vegas with my 18 year old son. He eats anything and everything. I am trying not to break the bank. We would like to avoid chains. We will be staying south of the airport and would like to stay away from the Strip and downtown - we have enough recommendations from other threads. I realize that Vegas is not necessarily a cheap eats destination. We probably are looking for places where the locals eat. No food is too exotic for us (except insects).

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  1. You can do a search on these for lots of opinions, but some of my favorites are:

    Lotus of Siam
    Hash House A GoGo
    Original Pancake House
    Burger Bar
    Viva Mercado
    Sam Woo BBQ
    Todd's Unique

    Todd's and Rosemary's a little pricier than the others but well worth it and not outrageously expensive like the strip places.

    1. Here are some local places w/multiple locations that offer decent food at fair prices.

      Capriotti's Sandwiches
      Aloha Kitchen
      Teriyaki Madness
      Metro Pizza

      1. I second the recommendations for Peppermill and Metro Pizza. I'll add Paymon's on Maryland Parkway. The South Point's breakfast buffet on the weekdays is not the world's best food but if you son is hungry, AYCE for like $6. Can't really beat that.

        Table 34 is good for lunch (Warm Springs and Amigo) about $15/each. Actually, Bono's on Warm Springs and near-ish Bermuda is a great place for a nice greasy lunch. Really tasty!

        I'd recommend a couple of chains that aren't too pricey or everywhere: Yard House at Town Square (south Strip), Elephant Bar at the District, Winchell's (Warm Springs), EVOs (south Eastern).

        1. You'll also be close to Settebello. Fine pizzas and salads. Sterling ingredients in an informal atmosphere.

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            Thanks to all for great ideas! Keep them coming.
            I will report back when we return.

            1. re: Dave Feldman

              I'll second Dave's recommendation for Settebello. Best pizza I've ever had outside Italy.

              1. re: Whisper

                We hit Settebello. Terrific pizza, very different from the usual East Coast pizza.
                We also ate at Sam Woo. The place has a real non-touristy Chinatown feel - surprising for a chain. The meats were great. Lo mein and veggies were okay but overall worth a detour.
                We had a mixed grill for two at Rincon de Buenos Ares - unique with sweetbreads and blood sausage included. The meal was a highlight.
                We had a nice dinner at Ventano. At one point, when the service became slow, the chef came out, took our order, apologized and gave us a complimentary dessert. The food was great and the hospitality was overwhelming.
                We grabbed a quick meal at a local taco chain - Roberto's. It was nothing special but passable - strictly a choice of geographic convenience. We had another quick meal at Yum Yum BBQ - Hawaiian comfort food: chicken katsu and spam misubi (another choice of geographic convenience). It was adequate but not worth going out of your way - I suspect there are better options in this category in LV.
                We were pleasantly surprised with the range of food at reasonable prices. Thanks for all the advice here and on other threads!

                1. re: laulauman

                  A few places not mentioned that are located south of the airport that fall into the category of inexpensive:

                  Grimaldi's Coal Fired Pizza on Eastern

                  R. E. Tapas on Silverado Ranch

                  Primarily Prime Rib in the South Point Casino

                  Viva Michoacan on Sunset Road serves very good Mexican food

                  China Spice in Green Valley Ranch Casino serve excellent Chinese in a very cotemporary room. The price for Peking duck is the lowest I have found.

                  Ventano's on Horizon Ridge is a very contemporary restaurant with excellent views. Very good southern Italian restaurant with affordable prices. My wife and I frequently will share a salad, pasta and creme brulee. The eggplant rollatini is excellent.

                  Opus Too is a student run restaurant that is open for lunch during the school term on Tue-Thur. 3-course lunches are only $9.95 and the menu changes weekly. It is located in the Art Institute of Las Vegas off Green Valley Parkway. Call 702-992-8500 for reservations.

            2. I guess there's one in Vegas, but we stopped at Capriotti's in Boulder City on the way back from the Dam. That was one of our best meals in terms of expectations. Hard to find a sandwich that good where I come from.