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May 27, 2008 07:21 AM

Root Beer Popsicles

What's the preferred way to make root beer popsicles--freeze root beer or use a recipe with root beer extract? If it's the latter, what's a good brand of root beer extract?

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  1. I think either would work but I think you might want the co2 to have time to evaporate
    if you were using fresh bottled. I would try the following product... please let me know
    how it works out.

    1. Please post your results. I have a very striking memory of enjoying a root beer float popsicle as a 5 year old and haven't been able to find them ever again. It had a core of vanilla ice cream and root beer around it. Delicious!

      1. OMG! When I was a kid we'd gett rootbeer popsicles and vanilla. They were so fantastic. I haven't seen them since I was young.

        1. I make Root Beer popsicles from an extract called "Homebrew". I got it from a beer making supply store. I just got a different brand (Stoltzfus) that I haven't used yet but bought it because I couldn't find "Homebrew" in my new neighbrohood. I got it online, Amazon.

          1. As a kid, I would just put rootbeer into a cup and freeze!
            I haven't made these in a long time, but now you've inspired me!