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May 27, 2008 06:42 AM

Hartford Convention Center Eats

I am going to be at the HCC next Saturday taking an all day certificaiton exam and there is a 2 hour break for lunch. Is there anywhere nearby within walking distance for lunch?

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  1. rosco's big dog

    just about 2 blocks away.. temple st.

    great hot dogs and steamed cheeseburgers.. kinda busy around lunchtime but plenty of space inside.

    Rosco's Big Dog
    24 Temple Street, Hartford, CT

    1. Pretty much any restaurant in downtown Hartford is within walking distance for a 2 hour lunch... can you give more specifics on type of food or $... or search the board for downtown refs...if it's nice out there are a few outside options...Vito's (on Bushnell Park)..Hot Tomatoes (in Union Station) ..

      1. LenaNE is correct. If you have 2 hours for lunch, everything in town is a possibility. Are you looking for "Chow", a more upscale experience, or something in between? If you can provide a few specifications or features, we can hekp you find what you are looking for.

        1. Arch Street Tavern is located across from the Convention Center. It is very good. There are also a couple of restaurants in the Marriott that are good if you do not want to venture outside. Jay

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            Jay is correct. Vivo in the Marriott next to the Convention Center is very good.

          2. I have this to offer:
            My finds in the Hartford area. I recently enjoyed El Sarape's, Mexican food. (
            I would appreciate more great Hartford food recommendations so I can add them to the map.
            I have one for the New Haven area as well: