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May 27, 2008 06:30 AM

Las Vegas non-casino restaurants - looking for recommendations

Going to Vegas next week and would greatly appreciate some recommendations on non-casino restaurants.

I've tried (and liked) the following: Firefly, Pasta Shop, Grape Street Cafe, McCormick and Schmick.

Anyone willing to help a Chowhound brother?

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  1. Check out my post Las Vegas 14 Days that covers a number of non casino, off-Strip restaurants. If you liked Firefly, I would suggest trying R. E. Tapas which we like better though hardly traditional.

    Some of my favorites that we did not get to visit this trip include Todd's Unique (seafood), Agave (Mexican), La Scala (Italian), Food Express (Chinese), Lotus of Siam (Thai), Musashi Steakhouse (Japanese), Sapporo (Japanese), Ventano (Italian) and Sedona.

    1. Thai - Lotus of Siam, Indian - Origin India, Italian- Ferraro's, French - Andre's, Mexican - Viva Mercados, Seafood/Steak - Todd's Unique & Rosemary's & for the sweet tooth Ronalds Donuts.

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        Just a quick note: I love LOS but have decided I won't go there without a reservation. The place just seems to be crazy busy lately (good for them!). My son has been visiting, and tonight is his last night in when he asked if we could go there for dinner I couldn't turn him down. I called the restaurant to see if they were busy, and I was told that they could get us in only if we got over quickly. We arrived at 5:45 to find a near-empty room. I wondered why they seemed to think we had to get there quickly....for about five minutes. By six pm the place was packed. By the time we left around 7:30 there were people waiting in the parking lot. On a Tuesday night!

        The mango was particularly sweet tonight, btw. A great meal as always.....

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          Posted this reply a day ago, but it appears that the server lost it.

          Just did a review, which included Todd's Unique:

          I strongly second any rec. for this spot out Herderson way.


        2. Firefly has a "sister" restaurant next door now, called Dragonfly. Worth a try.

          Town Square just south of the main Strip has opened and has numerous chains. But it also has The Yard House. Get the burger with the rum BBQ sauce. YUM! I wasn't super impressed with Louis's Fish Camp at the same plaza. But I know a lot people who are.

          On Eastern is La Golista, Italian. EXCELLENT!

          1. If you go to firefly you MUST get the stuffed dates... pretty much amazing! :D