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May 27, 2008 06:09 AM

Westchester restaurant recommendation for dinner with friends coming up from the City

Hi there folks,

We have friends coming up to Westchester for dinner this weekend. Can you recommend a nice place that isn't ridiculously expensive (no Stone Barnes, XO, etc.)? Recently we tried Red Hat Bistro in Irvington and loved it. The food was solid, the service was attentive, the setting was comfortable yet hip-ish and the views were gorgeous. I might just go back there but wanted to see where else you might recommend. I live in the Bronxville area and would prefer to spread my wings a little further out...but not more than a 25 minutes drive, thanks.

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  1. If you can get into Spadaro in New Rochelle, run don't walk.

    Is X20 expensive for dinner? That's curious, as their brunch is not.

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    1. re: dolores

      Have you been recently? Seems there were some serious service kinks to work out...

      1. re: lollypop

        I was there on a weekday, so you may be correct to stay away on a weekend.

        Sadly, that's the best I got. I'm not enamored of too many places in this area.

        I haven't heard back to my email on whether Sunset Grille is under new management, so I won't recommend them.

        Emilio in Harrison has gotten good reviews here lately.

        Have fun, wherever you go.

        1. re: dolores

          Update, I have heard back. There were some changes out front, but the management has not changed.

          I can still recommend Sunset Grille with confidence and hope to be going back soon.

    2. Hi, I'm also in Bronxville so I won't point out the obvious places in town, but what about the Tap House in Tuckahoe? I really liked the food there and I hear the service issues have gotten much better.

      If you do go there, I highly recomend the Tuna a la Plancha which I ordered and my husband had the lamb loin which was also very good.

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      1. re: SweetPea914

        Yes, we've been to the Tap House a couple of times. I have to admit that the menu never sounds appealing to me but I always end up with a dish that is well cooked and tasty! I want to try somewhere new. Just called the Red Hat and they are fully booked for Saturday. Any other ideas? Have you tried any of the restos in Rye or Port Chester?

      2. A fun place in Port Chester: F.I.S.H. Excellent food and moderate prices. Also, we love Pacifico, but it's gotten mixed reviews here.

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        1. re: pobo

          I was also going to rec. F.I.S.H,
          Another place I thought of is Koo in Rye, I hear good things about them and have been to their sister restaurant Wild Ginger.

          1. re: pobo

            I think we will try F.I.S.H. thanks everyone!

            1. re: lollypop

              it's difficult to find but worth it-- enjoy!

          2. In Dobbs Ferry, there's the new Half Moon right on the river.


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            1. re: cavandre

              Given the choices that 'appear' to be available on opentable for 6:30, how about these?

              La Villetta
              Le Chateau
              Restaurant X
              Ruby's Oyster Bar

              Curious that they all have openings.

              Or, lollypop, are they too expensive? Take a look, there are lots of places with openings.

            2. try cafe of love in mount kisco

              x20 is not ridiculously expensive btw

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              1. re: intrepid

                when my dh and I went to x20 recently we spent $75 at the bar before even sitting down for dinner. We had 2 sushi rolls and 2 drinks each. I think you can get away with not spending tons of cash, but we sure didn't. Not complaining though, the service and views were excellent to superb. We would give the food itself a grade of a solid B. I would also recommend Ruby's and FISH out of Dolores' list. Both have good service and food and fit the "hipness" requirement. Have a great dinner! And btw, how nice of dolores to check open table for you!