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May 27, 2008 06:05 AM

Won Ton Downtown Calgary

Where's a good place to go that's quick downtown? I can't make it to King's during the week on a regular basis. There must be something in Chinatown?

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    1. re: mcmuffin

      Sigh. There really kind of isnt. This is actually a long story, but i'll try and keep it short.

      My last contract i worked downtown. One of the stakeholders on my project was a big fan of Wor Wonton, same as myself. We decided that we needed to go on "The quest for Wor Wonton" - anything within a 1km radius of downtown was fair game. We wanted to find the best Wor Wonton near downtown.

      We went once a week, for...many weeks. Chinatown. Up Centre Street. Plus 15's. I was thoroughly disappointed with every place. None of them fit all my criteria - good quantity of crisp fresh veggies, sizeable wontons, good price, egg noodles, good broth. It was disappointing.

      Pushing my disappointment aside, if i was to look at it objectively, i'd say the best place we had wor wonton was at Jing Jing Noodle in Chinatown. It was quick, and it was pretty decent, but not perfect. You should give it a try - King's is decent, but i hate their noodles (they use spaghetti), and their broth is only average. Too much of a metallic taste for me.

      Surprisingly, second place was some non-descript vietnamese restaurant buried in a hallway in the middle of the stripmall a few doors down from MBA. It was surprisingly good, but the broth was all wrong. I have pics of all of these somewhere, but im betting they're probably archived by now. Sorry i can't be of more help, but in 4 months, i wasnt able to find something that met all my expectations.

      Good luck.

      1. re: mcmuffin

        I hate to admit this, but if you're looking for pot stickers, I love the ones at Singapore Sam's (on 11th)- especially the veggie ones- veggie ones are tough to find, at least in Calgary. They're more steamed than fried (at least I think they are but I think I order the steamed version anyway) but tasty.

        In the pan-fried vein, the gyoza at Blowfish, while not able to touch the utter perfection at Gyoza King in Vancouver, are delicious!

        1. re: John Manzo

          I have often avoided gyoza at a lot of places as they're chewy... maybe I'll have to give them a shot again.

      2. There's a hole in the wall place in the NE off of Barlow past Hooters called Bun On the Run that has a really good Wor Won Ton.

        I don't think King's is using spaghetti nowadays and I do really like their homemade chili garlic oil.

        Guess I'll just have to keep on looking downtown and see if I can stumble into something. At least there's lots of other good options!

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        1. re: mcmuffin

          We were at Kings during the winter, and from what I could tell it was not spaghetti; the broth wasn't outstanding but ok.

        2. I really like the won ton soup at Harbour City. It was always a late night fave after a night of carousing. You can order it spicy there too, and it's prepared with hot peppers. Very good if you like that. I'd never heard of spicy won ton, but my Russian friend loves the stuff. Won ton and dumplings, basically all we ever ordered there. Never room for anything else!

          1. It's not wor wonton style, but the shrimp and pork wontons at Calgary Court are very good by Cantonese style standards. Meaning: thin but not broken skin that is tightly wrapped around a big lump of fresh shrimp and a bit of pork.

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              1. re: yen

                When I am downtown and looking for a quick won ton or some noodles I head over to Double Greeting Snack House on Centre Street. It is located in a corner mall on Centre Street and 3rd Avenue. Great won ton, congi and fried noodles. Great value.

                1. re: sirdinealot

                  If the shrimp are small enough, whole shrimp. If not, chopped shrimp.