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May 27, 2008 04:41 AM

Good Los Angeles cafes to work at.

Any recommendations of some good cafes to work at in LA? Ideally in the WeHo/Miracle Mile Area? Just looking for a good table and an outlet! No wifi needed!

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  1. I've found the Groundwork and Caffe Etc (both in Hollywood on Cahuenga) to be quite conducive to work, as they had large glass windows to let lots of light in. While Insomnia is a very comfortable place to sit, the vibe just seemed to dim for me. Obviously you'll have the warm glow of your laptop screen to keep you company, but it still felt a little too living roomy.

    Depends on your personality type, though. My brother loves the bohemian-looking coffee shops with lots of couches, whereas I don't.

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    1. re: SauceSupreme

      3 excellent suggestions. Anyone have any more? I'm cool with bohemian...mostly looking for a place where you can get some work done but has some activity too (not a a dead pan library!).

      1. re: sera22

        sabor y cultura in hollywood is pretty good.

    2. I'm also looking for similar cafes, but with free wifi around both Westwood and Pasadena.
      Any ideas? Thanks~

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        I often go to Novel Cafe (Santa Monica location) whenever I need to get work done. The atmosphere upstairs is perfect for me- quiet and relaxed so I wouldn't get distracted, but good for people watching during the times I want to be. The staff is friendly as well.

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          i like elysee in westwood. not particularly good food, but good espresso, wifi, and outlets.