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May 27, 2008 04:01 AM

Asheville environs updates

French Broad Taqueria in Marshall continues to evolve....the outdoor patio is now paved and has tables and potted plants. An awning or umbrellas would be nice at well and I suspect those may be coming. Their menu seems longer and a bit more expensive....but still a great and tasty bargain. 4 tacos (2 meat, 2 fish) + 2 sodas and complimentary chips was $16.
.....and next door - they are clearing ground for another restaurant!!! The news is the former chefs from Stovetrotters in Biltmore Village and putting in an Italian restaurant....
Stoney Knob - now open 7 days per week...they have such a huge following that it is great to have them open on a Monday when little else in the Weaverville area is.

Still no sign of progress on 28806's downtown location.
Sugo's has an early dining special menu that lasts until 6:30pm I believe.

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  1. Leah, I will be in Asheville next month and would love to know if any of your favorite restaurants offer at least one vegan option. We are aware of Laughing Seed, Rosetta's Kitchen and Early Girl. Any others worth checking out?

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      nine mile, which just opened in montford a couple weeks ago, is vegan-friendly. short menu with just 6-7 options at this time, but at least 2 were vegan, iirc. menu will expand as the staff gets up to speed.