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May 26, 2008 10:26 PM

Khortytsa (or "Khor"): Ukrainian Vodka

Any one out there try Khortytsa Vodka (Classic, Platnium or any other flavor for that matter)? If so, what do you think of it and how does it match up to other vodkas?

I believe it is know as "Khor" in the U.S.

Here is a link to their website:

An article: "Partners endeavor to import special vodka to America"

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  1. I finally tried it:

    Khortytsa Platinum:

    Smell: Pure alcohol, slight hint-reminiscent of citrus

    Taste: Alcohol, Smooth, slightly peppery, some citrus flavors with a nice slight-citrus-bitterness which lingers, pleasant. The burn comes after you have drank the vodka and it is pleasant as well...

    All in all a pleasant extremely SMOOTH vodka which can be drank straight/neat & chilled.

    If anyone has tried any of the other flavors I would like to hear your thoughts.

    1. I'm a loyal buyer of the Classic version. No tasting notes to speak of. Better than Smirnoff or Absolut at the same price point is all I can offer. Makes those others taste like nail polish remover when in direct comparison. Smooth vodka that can also be drunk straight and VERY good in cocktails. I haven't tried any other varieties.

      Top pour bottle is interesting but annoys me as it can get dusty.

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        Thanks :)

        I wonder how the flavored ones are...

      2. I have tried them all and being a wine person and vodka afficianado I believe I can give you an accurate accounting. They're all GREAT! They've won many Gold Medals including the World Spirits Competition in San Fran in '07! The Classic is Ultra Smooth, best chilled and straight, it has such smoothness it requires nothing else! The Vanilla is one of my all time favorites! No sugar, just great vanilla flavor with a hint of caramel flavor, ultra-wonderful, my favorite martini to come home to! The Silver is also wonderful a "mint" flavor, not at all like chewing gum, truly wonderful flavor, very unique, great for after dinner, or add a drop of your favorite chocolate like Kahlua or Godiva, etc. The Cherry Shoots is also quite unique, again no sugar, just wonderful natural cherry flavor derived from the cherry stems, very nice, also great with the Vanilla as a unique martini! The Honey Hot WOW! First the Cayenne Pepper hits you then the well balanced honey infusion smooths out the palate... this is almost like a tequila! I enjoy this one with BBQ hot wings! It's great as a straight martini, or mix it with your favorite bloody mary mix or clamato mix for a truly great new flavored drink! If you haven't tried Khortytsa yet, ask for it! It's one of the very best vodkas in the world! It's taken over Europe! Yes it's #1 in Europe having just won the London spirits competitions, the Belgians just held their competions in conjunction with the Cannes Film Festival and Khor won double Gold Medals there! It's shipped currently from Ukraine direct to Tucson, we're lucky here in Tucson! Come on down! We have it everywhere here!