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May 26, 2008 10:04 PM

Parsi Food in Austin?!

Does anybody know of a decent eatery or even a caterer in Austin where I can get traditional Parsi food?

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  1. Oh man, you are barking up the tree of impossibility, although I would love to be proven wrong on this one !! It's hard enough finding a darn bagel around here let alone some Parsi food. =) While I'm not terribly well-versed in the cuisine, I do like to whip up some dishes (particularly egg ones, of which there seem to be an endless number) at home.

    I believe there is a Zoroastrian population here in town, so that might be one place to start looking.

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      Well, yes. Alborz is not really it, I'm afraid. As for catering, I would try asking the people who run Phoenicia on Lamar. They make some Persian stuff on occasion. Even if they are not interested, perhaps they might know somebody who is.

    2. Nothing is impossible. There is a Parsi caterer in Dallas and also in Houston.

      Contact thru (for Dallas


      Enjoy - Jamva Chalo Ji

      1. Not an eatery but a very good recent cookbook is "My Bombay Kitchen" by Niloufer Ichaporia King and is exclusively on Parsi cooking. Patra Ni Machi (Pomfret or other flatfish stuffed with a coriander/mint cocunt chutney steamed in banana leaves) and and other classics are well covered.

        1. Don't let the name of the local Pars Mediterranean Supermarket & Deli fool you. It's not really a Greek joint but a Persian one. Located at 8820 Burnet Road. Frequented by the Persian community. For more info check out:

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            Parsis left Persia about AD 936 and landed in Diu//Sanjan in Gujrat in India. Their food is thus an assimilated food that reflects this long history - Persian origin, multiple Indian (both Hindu and Muslim) influences and European sensibilities (because they were a very rich comunity and had broad western exposure). Their food is therefore unique and a hodgepodge of these influences and cannot be captured by generic Iranian cuisine.

          2. I know absolutely zero about Parsi food, but I've been wanting to try Shandeez Grill. I've been getting coupons in the val-pak mailers, so I'm tempted (but coupons also make me leary). If I try it, I might be able to tell you if it tastes good, but I won't have any idea if it's traditional.

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              I went to Shandeez once and had the lamb shank. It was tender and delicious, served with dill rice. It's probably overlooked because of how far out of the way it is. Let us know what you think, if you happen to make it up there. I'm ready to make a return visit myself.

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                Thanks jwynne, that's good to know. I'm usually hesitant to order lamb. I love it, but only when it's prepared right, so that it's tender. Now I know that's what I'll get if I go to Shandeez.

                The location isn't a problem for me. It's actually not too far (I live in the really unhip part of Austin). The real obstacle is getting my hubby to try a new place. We'll see...

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                  Well, if it helps, the last time I went (about a year ago) they had a separate menu on the back with Mexican items, along with their Persian offerings. Strange, I know, but maybe it'll convince an unadventurous significant other to tag along? I just checked the menu on the website and it doesn't show those, so maybe call ahead to see if those items are available.


                  1. re: jwynne2000

                    Mexican too? Ok, that's a truly odd combination. It may help, though, he loves Mexican. He's actually adventurous enough with ethnic foods, but just getting him to a restaurant he hasn't been to before is tricky. I'll keep working on him and report back.

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                      I've been several times for lunch - the NEVER are able to prepare those mexican items!