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May 26, 2008 09:36 PM

Bachelor party dinner recs

Hey all - I am putting together a bachelor party in NOLA for about 7 guys on 4th of July weekend, and am looking for restaurant recommendations for Friday and Saturday night. Ideally, would like to make it to one of the traditional NO icons on Saturday (was thinking Galatoire's, but unfortunately it's closed that week), and maybe a livelier, no-reservations-required type place on Friday to have a few cocktails and kick back.

Was possibly thinking Commander's Palace for Saturday, Dick & Jenny's on Friday - any other suggestions? Most of us are Chicago/NYC residents and 1st timers in NOLA, and all ideas are welcome.

Thanks so much


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  1. Commander's would give all a great representation of Creole cuisine, excellent service and show you all a great time.

    1. I think Commander's is a great idea for the "complete" experience. Also, Jacque Imo's is also something you might want to think about. Being that you all are pretty inexperienced with NOLA, this restaurant has wonderful food and a loud, fun atmosphere. One more recommendation, Brigtsen's-make your reservation now, small house, but never disappoints! Let us know how it turns out.

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        Jacque Imo's takes reservations for 5 or more...highly suggested!
        La Boca may be taking reservations as well.
        Definitely put Patois on your list.

      2. Thanks a lot everyone, I will defnitely look into Jacques-Imo's as well. Appreciate the suggestions!