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May 26, 2008 09:01 PM

Hot Sauce/Taptio?

Hey Guys,
Can anyone recommend a market with a good selection of hot sauces. Honestly, I just ran out of Tapatio which I love on tacos, eggs, roast chicken, etc. and I can't even find that in my neighborhood (Chelsea). I am willing to travel to any neighborhood. Any ideas for a place that carries Tapatio or can you guys turn me onto something new? Thanks in advance for your help.

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  1. My favorite is Yucateco Green Habanero. It's very hot, but flavor of Habanero is very appetizing. You only need a drop or two.

    You can buy it in any real Mexican neiborhood I guess. I buy at a supermarket in Astoria called "Trade Fair" right near the 30th Ave. station on N or W train. It's on the west side of the station on 30th Ave. They also have Tapatio I guess. A lot of mexicans also use "Valentina" hot sauce which is similar to Tapatio but cheaper.

    Mexicans use this Valentina hot sauce on sliced Mango. It actually taste good. You can try it under the #7 train Jackson Heights 82nd St. station.

    1. While I am sure that there are many places in Manhattan that carry Tapatio you can find it (along with tons of others) on 5th Ave. in Sunset Park. Anyplace on 5th from 39th St. to the lower 60's. I'm a big fan of Cholula if you can find it.

      1. IKf you like Topatio, you will probably love Cholula, which you can now find in most grocery stores, including the one on 15th and 7th (forget the name).

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          You're talking about West Side Market. They should have both hot sauces.

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