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May 26, 2008 07:34 PM

Watermark restaurant at Hilton Niagara

I am taking my parents to the Niagara area to celebrate my dad's 70th birthday and booked us rooms at the Hilton in Niagara Falls. Has anyone who has dined at the Watermark restaurant have comments to share? It looks like a beautiful restaurant with a magnificent view of the falls, but if the food is terrible we may pass even though we have dining vouchers that come with the rooms.

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  1. The food is fine, but overpriced. I have eaten at the Watermark and the Terrapin Grille (just across the street at the Marriott) and both are perfectly nice restaurants with great views but the prices are crazy.

    Since entrees tend to be $30 and up, you'll find the voucher they give you will merely reduce the bill to something approximating normalcy but you're paying for the experience, I guess. The last time I as at the Marriott, for example, we got an appetizer, an entree, a dessert and a couple of drinks and I think we still paid around $50 on top of that. Basically, they price the menu knowing that most people dining there have the vouchers.

    So, the food is most certainly not terrible, if that's your main question. But do be prepared to pay a bit, even with the voucher. Hopefully that helps, somewhat...

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      Thanks, fleisch. That is exactly the info I was looking for. Considering all the talk on this board about the lack of good restaurants in Niagara Falls, I guess I am not hoping for outstanding food, but rather 'not terrible'! Hopefully we'll get our fill of something great in Niagara on the Lake.

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        The Keg in the Embassy Suites hotel has a great view of the falls. All the tables have a view and the food isn't priced that much more than a regular Keg.

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          If you are going to NOTL, I highly recommend the Stone Road Grille. They are located in the most unassuming-looking plaza, but the decor inside is warm and slightly funky. The food is truly excellent, with an emphasis on local ingredients. The asparagus and ramps risotto appetizer I had there the other night was outstanding.

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            Just a few years ago the food there used to be really, really bad. I had a really horrible, mushy, tasteless, risotto there . Friends mentioned that the food had improved. We tried it again last year and enjoyed the meal.

            The food isn't super memorable but with a voucher it's a enjoyable experience.

        2. Ask your hotel doorman, they are a wealth of knowldge for the hidden gems

          1. My wife and I ate at the Watermark a couple of months ago. The view is fantastic. Both the food and the service met all our expectations. As already stated, it is pricey. I'd encourage you to make reservations.

            1. Anyone have any updates on the place?
              We also booked a package that came with a voucher for Watermark. We are there for two nights so already have one dinner planned at Copacabana (I read mixed reviews, although have to go anywhere at least once). Would probably go for a non-red meat item at Watermark. If Watermark is not great though, we won't bother and will go somewhere else. The view looks beautiful.

              We are going in Nov. so I'll report back if we went and how it was.

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                We didn't end up going to Watermark, therefore I have no experience to share. We decided against it after reading some reviews on other sites.

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                  How was Copacabana?

                  When we were there we had a voucher for Brasa. It was our first rodizio experience. I can only speak for the salad bar as I'm vegetarian (what a waste, I know). I was quite impressed by the selection and I was quite stuffed by the end of the meal. Mr Leny loved it and ate enough meats for the two of us. But lately I haven't seen any packages that include Brasa, only Watermark.

                  1. re: mrsleny

                    We did not end up going to Copacabana either as we ended up using the voucher for Brasa as they had okay-good reviews. The buffet part was not interesting at all, however I loved some of the meat cuts. I tried the lamb, chicken and a few beef cuts. My favorites were top sirloin and what they called their signature Brazilian cut which was a rare red meat. I love my meat rare so really appreciated how they cook their meat. They also had a blue cheese on the buffet that went very nice with the meat. I would eat here again and only eat meat with blue cheese.
                    I was pleasantly surprised as I would not have expected such good quality meat cuts at a buffet.

                    For our second meal, we went to Treadwell in Niagara on the Lake. I'll write about that in another thread when I get some more time.

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                      Oh my, I just re-read this post and realized that I may have come across as rude. I read your post, although did not respond until later that evening and had forgot the gist of the post. I did try bites of many buffet items and had there not been red rare meat, my fave, and then to top it off with blue cheese, I would have appreciated the buffet items more.

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                        No worries ... that's what I figured you meant :)

                        Most people go to rodizios for the meat (unless they are vegetarians who are there with their carnivorous spouses!). I was just glad there were decent choices.

                2. AG is an excellent restaurant in Niagara Falls-highly recommend!