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May 26, 2008 07:14 PM

Best Entrees at Cochon, Herbsaint, & Jacques?

I've been talking up NOLA food to a large group I'm leading to the city and don't want to let them down.

What are the best ENTREES to get at:
-Herbsaint (for lunch)
-Jacques-Imo's ?

Also, any thoughts on the better lunch, Cochon or Herbsaint? Would a Friday lunch for 4 require a reservation at either of those places? And anyone know if Herbsaint will cook the pork belly for you at lunch? Pleeeeeease...

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  1. i can only speak to cochon but the rabbit & dumplings were pretty damn good. i will say however that the kitchen really seems to excel on the small plates, the boucherie, & their soups & salads. i thought the alligator small plate was terrific & the head cheese fantastic. my s.o. was vegetarian &, incredibly, she had her best meal in n.o. here ordering from the small plates & soups & salads. enjoy.

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      Cochon: gotta have the pork cheek. skip the boucherie plate, IMO.
      Herbsaint: love the shrimp and grits appetizer.
      Jacques-Imo's: been a long time since i've been, but i think they do fish pretty well. have heard the fried chicken is good, too.

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        bataille2, I agree completely with the rabbit and dumplings; it had a terrific rosemary flavor! Best dish we ate there, by far.

      2. IMO you'd be best served at Cochon making a meal from their appetizers. Their menu remains the same lunch/dinner. You will not have the same experience with lunch as you will at dinner at Herbsaint. Check the menus. Jacques Imos has large portions of mediocre food. Best dish: fried chicken. Getting back to Herbsaint, dinner: apps: short ribs, gumbo, salad with goat cheese beignets (occassional special item). Entrees: pork belly, duck confit. The lamb, steak and shrimp are also done well, but the first 2 are the standouts.

        1. I had lunch there last year (visiting from Boston) and had to go back for seconds on the oyster roast however everything was outstanding.

          1. Cochon is my favorite dish at Cochon. I've tried every entree there except the brisket, and liked them all except the court bouillon. Eggplant dressing and jalapeno spoon bread are also really good.

            Frog legs and pork belly at Herbsaint. Not real familiar with the lunch menu though. I'm not sure if they would cook pork belly for you either.

            Fried chicken at Jacques Imo's. Alligator cheese cake is good, too. And if they have it, get godzilla meets fried green tomatoes. Panneed rabbit is also good.

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              I beg to differ on the Cochon entree. It was very dry and overfried. However the pork ribs, Oysters, and Ham hock were sublime....