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May 26, 2008 06:52 PM

Les Cocottes - any thoughts?

I was thinking about Les Cocottes for our first (jet-lagged) lunch in Paris, we are arriving in the early morning. It looks like an attractive option because it is casual, and there is no need to reserve. I think we are looking for a low-key, comfort food kind of lunch at a reasonable price. We also won't want to over-eat, as we have reservations at Le Troquet for the evening. Anyone been to Les Cocottes recently? Thank you!

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  1. yes I enjoyed a solo dinner at the bar about a month ago. It is a very relaxed atmosphere and service was excellent. I had a terrific white asparagus soup with a dollop of creme fraiche and ordered a thai chicken that was quite fine .Had I not been jetlagged myself I would have known not to order 2 soup based courses as it was raining out and I had a half carafe of white wine..but over all it was a very enjoyable if liquid experience .I think u will enjoy it I also seem to recall great bread and butter

    1. I was there last week (twice) and loved it. It'll be perfect for you. We also had that asparagus soup, as well as gazpacho with a grilled shrimp, a salad with grilled leeks and spanish ham, steak with a pasta gratin...I can't remember what else but it was all very good.

      1. We had a fabulous late dinner here one night in mid-May. Casual, friendly service, excellent quality ingredients. Definitely recommend it.

        1. in case this trip has not yet happened, if it's a weekend you might want to give yourself some waiting time. "no need to reserve" does not nec mean "sit immediately"

          worth a wait, though. nice waiter/bartenders and good food.

          1. I always stay in apartments nearby and say that the Constants feed me often when in Paris. I am usually to my apartment by noon and know that if I get to Les Cocottoes or Cafe Constant shortly after that I will not have a seating problem. I go to one or the other upon arrival. Consistently good food.

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              I prefer the Cafe, esp the first day it's cooler.

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                I like the cafe better as well, though my daughter (age 13) thinks Les Cocottes is more fun.

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                Both places are good , reasonable and immensely popular. Ms. L. and I lunched at Les Cocottes yesterday. We arrived a little after 1 p.m. and had the good fortune to bump into the Constants and he ushered us to a 4-top, telling the delightfully harried greeter/waitress that we were "fidéles"...ego gratification! The cabillaud croustillant was good, but the grilled gambas were even better. We tried not to feel too puffed up while the 2 of us sat at a table for 4 while everyone else was scrambliing for a seat at the counter.

                Chef Constant apparently can't remain idle; he is planning a new venture.

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                  "Chef Constant apparently can't remain idle; he is planning a new venture."
                  Come on Laidback, don't tease us. Tell all.