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May 26, 2008 06:34 PM

Stephanie's taking over Garden of Eden spot

Just a rumor, but my source is pretty reliable. What might it be called? Stephanie's on Newbury on Tremont? Stephanie's South End? Incontrovertible evidence of the ongoing Back Bay-ification of the neighborhood?

I've always felt the original Stephanie's was a nasty piece of work, the purest example of how a good patio in the right location can overcome mediocrity in food and service. Of course, that's pretty much been Garden of Eden's story for five years, so in at least one respect, this isn't terribly shocking.

I will hold my cynicism in check for now; maybe they will alter their formula in the new location to produce something worthwhile.

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  1. Are they moving from the Back Bay, or is this just a 2nd restaurant? Never been a fan of Stephanie's either, and never saw the appeal of the patio. I dislike outdoor dining on most occasions, but any patio right off a busy street and lots of cars without any cover seems to me particularly risky dining (that goes for any such place on Newbury and Boylston, but at least Boylston has a deeper sidewalk).

    1. Ugh!!!

      Stephanie's? Not really a fan of the food. Nor am I a fan of the whole "scene" they have going on a the Newbury Street location. I hope the crowd that goes to that one doesn't follow over to the one on Tremont.

      1. I heard the same information over the weekend.

        I was walking by "the original" on Newbury yesterday and stopped in to say hello the Lee (formerly of Union) on the bar. A friend was sitting at the bar enjoying a tuna tartare with avocado that she said was excellent. Hopefully the new location will be a big improvement over Garden of Eden, and will include a nice bar. Garden of Eden was awful in every way.

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        1. re: PJ Mac BJ

          This has to be a second Stephanie's; the first one is still thriving.

          Good to know where Lee has landed; his bartending skills and charm were a big part of Union's attraction for us; we don't go there nearly so often now that he's gone.

          GoE only had a beer/wine license which would likely be transferred to Stephanie's; a full liquor license is an expensive upgrade and not a given.

          1. re: MC Slim JB

            I'm with you. When I said "new location" I meant "sister restaurant." They do great #'s on Newbury. I understand the licensing issue. I hope they'll get the ok for bar seating. I'll try to find out about wine/beer or if a full liquor license is in the works.

        2. Wouldn't have to be more of a Stephanie's-to-go type place? Garden of Eden was tiny, wasn't it?

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          1. re: almansa

            Small, but not that tiny: I'm guessing there were 40 seats indoors, and another 30 on the patio.

            1. re: MC Slim JB

              not that tiny compared to B&G, butcher shop, metropolis, pops, all in that area

              but thank god its gone. i went 3 times and was dissapointed every time

          2. well, if Stephanie is taking over that spot. she'd better improve her food. The fireplace, patio,
            tourists keep her going. I hope the Southend diners don't put up with her medicore food.

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            1. re: cigalechanta

              I would be surprised to see them go into that location with just beer and wine.