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May 26, 2008 06:28 PM

Need cheap, decent pizza in Menlo Park area

A friend of mine is looking at Costco to get 2 pies (one cheese, one pepperoni) for a class at M-A. I recently tasted their pizza after a long time (daughter had to have it) & we both agreed it was one of the worst pizzas we've ever had. I suggested Mountain Mike's (20") to my friend but she wanted to know if it were as inexpensive as Costco's. I tasted Mountain MIke's at my daughter's birthday party last year at Cosmo wasn't bad but I don't remember how much I paid. If I were to order pizza for my kids (like a sleepover), I usually order Round Table as it is close by but I know this can be expensive given a school budget. My friend doesn't mind chipping in a little extra if it is reasonable as she is already contributing something else. Appreciate any suggestions you have.

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  1. Applewood Inn was the old standby when I was working down there, thought it's
    been a couple of years. Pretty generic but a step or three above Costco and Round

    1. Mountain Mike's pizza, at least at the San Carlos/RWC border location, is half-off on Tuesdays. This means you can get the "mountain" (20") for something like $15, which is remarkably cheap for something that's basically a Round Table Pizza.

      But yes, Applewood is better than that, and they probably still have the to-go location across the street from the restaurant, which may be cheaper.

      1. I like Ramona's in PA for a pretty solid thin-crust pizza, but it's probably nowhere near as cheap as Costco.

        1. If I knew how much a Costco pizza was, I could possibly give a comparison.

          What's the price range you'd consider, given that your friend is willing to go "a little over"?

          1. Mountain Mike's also often has pretty good coupons on their website, that could help the bottom line...