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May 26, 2008 06:27 PM

Venue needed for summer party

This is a little off restaurant topic, but I'm looking for some sort of event space or location in Manhattan that allows for catering to be brought in. It is for a 40th birthday party in July. The challenging part is we would like for it to include some element of an outdoor space - terrace, garden, or even an open-air set up. It could even be a public park space or something, but I'm not sure if any can be officially reserved.

If this is too tall an order, the plan B would be to rent a room at a restaurant and go with their food. Hopefully, that could also include an outdoor element. The party will be for 30-40 people. Any ideas or input would be immensely appreciated.

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  1. if you're looking for more fun than formal... water taxi beach or the frying pan may be options. i believe wtb will rent out about 7-benches which is good for your group size, but it has it's own catering partners.

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      WTB doesn't reserve space unless you guarantee a $4000 minimum. And it would be hard to spend $100/person there. However, it would be feasible to have a party there if you get enough people there early enough to grab tables. Also keep in mind that they have special events some nights, and that can lead to extra crowds and/or cover charges.

      Look into Gowanus Yacht Club.

    2. highbar, or empire hotel, or rooftop peninsula hotel.,or 60 thompson

      1. Try Ramscale in the Westbeth building all the way on the west side.

        Beautiful indoor/outdoor space that requires catering. I would have used it for my wedding but it's too small -- sounds perfect for your size party.