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May 26, 2008 06:14 PM

Looking for an AWESOME pastry shop

I am looking for a bakery/pastry shop that sells high quality, individual desserts such as what they would serve to you in a very expensive restaurant. There are so many places that sell individual mousse cakes, cannolis, etc, but they always look better than they taste. Anybody have any ideas?

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  1. Dessert Trends on Harbord or Rahier on Bayview.

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    1. re: TorontoJo

      I second Rahier, I think I read on these boards not too long ago there is another great spot on that strip too, but I forget the name...

    2. Senses, Dessert Trends. Some of The Drake baked goods are stellar.

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      1. re: deelicious

        I second Senses. I love everything there.

        1. re: pinkprimp

          Earlier this year, I ate the worst croissant of my life at senses.

      2. The Queen of Tarts on Roncesvalles makes beautiful tarts and pies...

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        1. re: orbitgirl

          beautiful-yes, delicious-no, pricey-yes, worth it-no

        2. I LOVE Queen of Tarts - they spare nothing in their quest for perfection in their ingredients... yum!

          You did ask about "pastry", and I cannot think of this place without thinking specifically about pastry. You cannot think about this category without thinking about Pain Perdu on St. Clair West... (736 St. Clair West) the French owners are pastry artisans who use old-world pastry methods. Excellent quiches and food as well.

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          1. re: Moimoi

            Moimoi - what would you recommend? I have only tried their little novelty cookies (that I can specifically remember) and they tasted so sawdusty (even for novelty cookies) that I've never been back. I second Dessert Trends, Rahier (yummy madeleines) and Jules. I would've also mentioned Konditor in the Beach for cakes, but it seems they've closed.

            1. re: urbnmns

              If you mean Queen of Tarts, I have yet to try anything from them and not have my toes curl and eyes cross...

              I didn't know what marshmallows tasted like until I tried theirs - it also begs the question, what the hell are marshmallows made of anyway, and how? The tarts that I've tried (it's part of their name so it's kind of their trademark - I think....) and loved are the Turtle Tart,
              Bitter Love, Snicker Tart, Mexican Chocolate and Chipotle Tart (wow!),
              and Lemon tart.

              If you get something else and like it, please let me know.

              1. re: Moimoi

                The tarts are excellent at the Q of T - the cakes not so great. I recall a wonderful butter tart with a lovely short crust. Pate sucree at its finest.

                1. re: rat under paper

                  i have yet to enjoy a lemon filling more than the version at Q of T. Even better than the once Vienna. The reason is how juicy it is. The filling melts in your mouth and is not the least bit cloying. It could stand to be a bit more tart, but I ain't complaining...

                2. re: Moimoi

                  Thanks Moimoi and co.; I will have to check out more of the "tarty stuff"!

                  1. re: Moimoi

                    I must have gotten a bad batch of marshmallows....I was so disappointed in my vanilla bean ones. I put them in hot chocolate and they were super grainy. Not a hit with my friends.

                3. Celestin Bakery on Mount Pleasant.......Mmmmmm