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May 26, 2008 06:13 PM

Hannah Japanese Sushi/habatchi in Toms River

Had a delicious dinner there tonight at the sushi bar......Started with the Unbelievably fresh Live Scallop appetizer razor thin pieces of sliced lemon in between each scallop gave just enough tang to this beautifully prepared dish. Next was the Mussles w/eel sauce OMG!!!
For the main course Sushi Sashimi Combination, Jack the super friendly Sushi Chef really went the extra mile to make sure I was happy & created the most fantastic plate of fresh fish I ever had with a presentation that was stunning.....the fish melted in my mouth top grade all the way. In between I was offered a very nice white fish tempura appetizer on the house! I finished with my favorite SUMO Roll....Spicy Tuna Inside w/Pepper tuna & Avocado on top Mmmmmmmmm! For desert RED BEAN Ice cream.....try it !

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  1. Tapas - I'm happy you enjoyed your meal. To be honest, its been years since I've returned as I've enjoyed the quality the and freshness of the offerings at both Nobi and Shogun at Bey Lea. BYW, its Hana not Hanah :)

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      Thank you for the spelling lesson hahahaha. I agree Shogun was pretty good also we were there last summer, live music on the deck/bar was a nice touch......but my all time favorite around here is SUSHI by KAZU on Rt9 in Howell, very authentic & masterfully created by KAZU himself......on top of that it's usually loaded with Japanese customers from all over NJ....small place, family run, but Ohhhh Soooo Good! I will try Nobi also.

      Thank you for you suggestions

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        Tapas - Another local favorite for sushi is Kanji in Tinton Falls.

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          bgut1 ok noted I will get around to that one also!!


    2. I had dinner at HaNa several years ago and due to the gaggle of children in our group, we were at the hibachi table. For the most part, hibachi doesn't blow my skirt up...but the hibachi scallops were to DIE for. So good that the leftovers came home and ended up being the next morning's breakfast! I'll make it a point to give their sushi bar a try, although I must admit I'm a bit spoiled by the offerings at Fuji in Forked River.