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May 26, 2008 05:54 PM

Help!! Good for Group Celebration - $50/pp range?

Hey C'hounders!

I'm looking for a spot to go for a celebratory dinner after my law school graduation in two weeks. It's going to be a group of family - about 12-15 people. Grad is at Lincoln Center, and while I live in BK, most of my family lives on the UES, so uptown or midtown seems most logical.

Am a bit of a foodie myself, and appreciate an on-point vibe as much as the next chowhounder, but don't want to make my parents spend too much (i.e. was thinking of the 4 course tasting at telepan, but for 15 people, before drinks, tax/tip this would add up to more than I want to make them spend), so I'm looking for suggestions that would come in at under $50pp. This makes most sense probably with a place that will do a prix fixe for such a large group - private room or not doesn't matter. That being said, if there are non-prix fixe options that seem good, I'm open to them as well.

Any suggestions so so appreciated!
Thank you all in advance!

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  1. Compass will do a prix fixe for a group that size and has a nice private room as well. As long as you do a set menu I think it should be right in your price point and it is quite close to Lincoln Center.

    1. What's your preference for ambiance and decor? Does it have to be nice or can it be a casual place?

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        i'd prefer something with something of am ambiance, particularly since i would like a celebratory vibe, but as i understand the budgetary constraints, i am open to more casual as well. in addition to being generally open, while i said before uptown was the preference, if there are places that fit the bill further downtown, thats fine too. we're all cabbers.

        thanks again guys!!

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          I don't know if this is your type of place but we went with 16 to Alta Restaurant on 10th St last Wednesday. After graduation on 57th St., no cabbers but we are metrocarders, had a great meal, great drinks, great table, and great fun.The staff was wonderful and I highly recommend it.

      2. Tamarind-- Flatiron area, can be done for about $50 per person and the food and ambiance is great (try the shrimp konju pappas and the lemon rice!)

        Zenkichi (n 6th st in Brooklyn) is TO DIE FOR both for food, and for ambiance. they have a prix fix ($40/pp i think) that gives MORE than enough delicious food... some crazy number of courses. for images. menupages can give you an idea of the food.