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May 26, 2008 05:44 PM

Table 31

Has anyone been to Table 31 in the Comcast Center?

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  1. Yes..I went last night. Had an appetizer partially made from pigs trotters. It was shaped and rolled in mustard/ breadcrumbs and fried. Very tasty. The place is meant to be a steak house so I ordered the Dover sole which was filleted expertly at tableside and was also delicous. Vegetables have to be ordered separately -my choice was garlic mashed potatoes and a mixture of peas, morels and zucchini. My major complaint is that the food was not sufficiently hot. By the time the sole was placed on my plate it was only luke warm and this was also true for the pea/morel dish. They need to sort out their hot plates or something. A surpising thing about this place was the wines by the glass were a very reasonable $6-8. In terms of floor space this is the largest restaurant in Philadelphia. In terms of cuisine there are probably many better places to go.