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May 26, 2008 05:26 PM

Last Weekend in June - heading to Seattle for the 1st time.

Vancouver, BC 'Hound here.
The parents are doing some touring around the Pacific Northwest for a couple weeks and have invited me down for the first leg of the journey. They are flying in from Fargo, so they are sick of cow LOL.
They are huge seafood fans, and pretty open to new things. Mum can't handle spicy food but Da loves it.
I have never (I know, I know) gotten down to Seattle before, but I am driving so we will have a car. Need rec for all meals and keep in mind that it's a holiday weekend for CDN's (well close enough). They are flying in on Friday the 27th about 9ish and we are staying at the airport hotel that night, I'm driving in that night too. I am guessing no late night decent eats out there??

Also some rec's for another hotel for Sat nad Sun nights?? Mid-price.
Oh and the 'Rents get points at Comfort Inn and their partners.... a central area perhaps??

Mum wants to see Pikes Market one morning/afternoon.
Other than that we are up for anything for all day Sat and Sun, we part ways Monday morning.
Mid-price, good value for most, maybe one "special" dinner

All help much appreciated!!!

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  1. Coming in from Fargo, they deserve a view. Make a reservation as soon as possible at Ray's Boathouse--gorgeous view, reasonably decent seafood. You'll need your car to get there. When you make your reservation, ask if you can get a table near a window.

    1. As for late on Friday night at the airport, it has gone down hill a bit over the years but is still open 24 hours and beats fast food, 13 Coins. You would have to look up the address but if you don't want to go to far from your hotel that night this would probably be your best bet in that area. It is located in an office building right across from the airport. Your hotel should be able to give you directions also. It used to be considered pretty upscale for 24 hour dining and although I have heard it has slipped a bit and we haven't been there for a few years (in bed early these days!) I have never had a bad experience there. I am sure a lot of CH's will cringe at this suggestion but it is all I can think of in the airport area beside your standard fast food/teriyaki at a late hour. Maybe someone else has a suggestion and I am sure you will get lots of good suggestions for the rest of your visit.

      1. while you're browsing Pike place market Saturday go to Matt's in the Market (NW corner of Pike & 1st, 2nd floor) for lunch, split the cornmeal catfish sandwich and the fried oyster sandwich. For brunch the next day (in the same area, Pike and 1st, find the brass pig by the fish market and head towards the water), Maximilien's for mussels, salad Norwegian (dungeness crab, Norwegian salmon gravlax, avo etc), hanger steak/eggs. While there, stop in at DeLaurenti's market for some Iberico ham or at NY Deli for a hot pastrami sandwich or Reuben.

        1. Sitka & Spruce - looks like nothing on the outside. Sit at the communal table and be served great food. I had the roast poussin with peaches which was delicious.

          Tom Douglas' Dahlia Lounge is a classic.

          Crush - the food is like Vancouver's Aurora or Boneta.

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          1. re: fmed

            You always have to throw in Vancouver, don't you? While the style of Crush is like those restaurant, the execution exceeds. The braised sort ribs are as close to perfection as I've experienced.

            1. re: kirkj

              What's wrong with Vancouver? :)

              1. re: starlady

                Nothing. I love the city, except Western Canada is a different board.

                1. re: kirkj

                  Don't be offended kirkj...I know that starlady knows the food at Aurora and Boneta. I'm just pointing it out as a point of reference. And I agree with you that the execution at Crush exceeds both.

                  1. re: fmed

                    Now it makes sense!!!! :)

                    How about some breakfast spots?? Anything?

                    1. re: starlady

                      in ballard is a Mexican rest called Cafe Moose .. they serve breakfast dishes from various places in Mexico. Really great. Rumor has it Boat Street serves Sunday brunch, haven't been but would bet it's lovely.

                      1. re: oliveoyl

                        Crave does a great breakfast and an old stand by is 5 spot or any of the associated chow food reastaurants.

          2. seeing as the op is from here, the Vancouver reference is perfectly understandable, kirkj is just over-reacting