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Nov 24, 2002 01:54 PM

Fresh Crab/lobster at Redondo Beach?

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I've heard that there are some places which I can pick a live(daily catched) crab and/or lobster and taste it on the spot at Redondo/Manhattan beach. Does anyone have any experience regaring it? If anyone, would you recommend a good place? Thank you for your help in advance.

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  1. We have been going to Kings Harbor in Redondo Beach for years now and we eat at a fish market/restaurant called Captain Kids. We order the live northern crabs. The crew there are always helpful in picking out what you want (male/female size etc) and then they steam them. We order them cleaned and cracked but you can "rent" a mallet and crack your own. They have other items such as clam chowder (not very good) steamed clams in wine sauce, corn on the cob (frozen) or you have the option of buying some fresh fish and having it prepared for you any way you like. They have other items such as smoked fish sold by the pound, wine, beer (bottle or tap) and seafood cocktails. It's A+ for the crab and C- for the rest with the exception of the fresh shrimp and scallops grilled. There is another place on the pier called Quality Seafood. We used to go there but it is difficult to find a place to sit and eat. If you do, you share with other people and that can prove very fun and interesting. This location is on Harbor Drive. You take Pacific Coast Highway south to Catalina south to Beryl, turn right go to Harbor turn left go to end where the pier parking lot is. Captain Kids validate your parking also.

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      Melanie Wong

      Just caught this mention in today's ChowNews...isn't it illegal to harvest female Dungeness crabs?


    2. Quality Seafood is top notch for selection - several varieties of live crab and both Maine and Pacific lobsters now. Their prices on Dungeness crab and both kinds of lobster are very high, however. I was there this past Saturday and they had live sea urchin - we ate nine. There also is a place on the south side of the pier itself called Pacific Seafood (I think) which has better prices on Dungeness. At Quality, at this time of year when the crowds are smaller, you shouldn't have any problem finding a place to sit.