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May 26, 2008 03:31 PM

Big Apple BBQ (Barbecue Block Party) 2008

They have posted a list of vendors and what they're cooking. Note that Fast Passes are on sale ONLY for AMEX customers and only until May 31. From the way I read the site, they won't be selling FastPasses on site, only online. They are using the punch card (as opposed to swiped card) system again this year.

It's still $8/plate of BBQ and it's still for charity. Lines last year were VERY SHORT! I hope it stays that way. Maybe 20-30 minutes tops and very few vendors ran out of food. I hope this year is just as successful in crowd control and line management.

Changes from last year:
- Ed Mitchell opened up a new restaurant called THE PIT, his stand is no longer called MItchell's BBQ. It's THE PIT.
- Mitchell's stand is in a completely different part of the park now, 26th/Broadway instead of 23rd and Madison.
- No Southside Brisket and Sausage! They have been replaced by some other brisket joint.
- No chicken option this year.
- Everything remains mostly beef ribs, pork ribs, and chopped/pulled pork, with two brisket options
- Proclamation Stew is back but fried apple pies aren't.

I'm looking forward to THE PIT (Ed Mitchell's) Whole Hog, Big Bob Gibson's Pulled Pork, 17th Street Baby Back Ribs.

CH on last year's fest:

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  1. I can't wait for this! Pulled pork!!!

    pb and J cupcakes - ah!

    1. This sounds amazing...I'd never heard of it before. I looked at the website but am still a little confused. Is it 8 dollars per vendor or 8 dollars per plate for the whole thing? Does a fast pass cost extra?

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      1. re: lucyj

        $8 per plate of BBQ. You can get as many plates as you want, from as many vendors as you want. A FastPass is $100 prepaid (worth $100 of food and merchandise) and allows you to use the express lines.

        1. re: kathryn

          for what it's worth, the fast pass is SO worth it. the wait at a normal line is a good 45 minutes...cut ro 5-10 at fast pass lines. you can also use leftover cash for merch like sauces from the various merchants. and beer of course. gotta have beer :)

          1. re: david sprague

            With the fast pass, can only one person use it? are they checking an id with it?

            1. re: ScottK

              Person holding the pass (on a lanyard, goes around your neck) + 1 guest in the FastPass line area. The FastPass itself is a big plastic card with punch areas in denominations of $8, $4, and $2.

              You show the pass when you enter the "gate" for the FastPass lines. They haven't checked ID the last few years. You can easily share a FastPass with a bunch of folks, send two people in, and have them bring the food back out to the park area.

              1. re: kathryn

                There's no name on the pass, so I can't imagine how they would check ID.
                And have you noticed it's not called a "bubba" pass anymore?
                Did you note the smoked crawfish and okra hush puppies from Oxford MS?

      2. 2 FAST PASSES for sale -- cannot attend bbq this weekend :(

        Hello Q lovers - sad to say I will be missing the Madison Park/Big Apple BBQ this year. However, a friend and I already bought two passes and now cannot attend the event this weekend.

        After reading some of these posts, it looks like there are folks looking to get their hands on either one or a pair of fast passes. Since I cant attend, please feel free to reach out to me at the email address below. If I cant have any pulled pork, I'd feel better knowing others will - w/o standing on line for it!


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        1. re: epate23

          Thanks to all who responded...
          I have successfully - and quickly - sold my fast passes.

          Have a great time on Sat and Happy Eating!

        2. Hi -- does anyone have recommendations on when to go? This is my first time (I am really excited -- a huge Q fan from North Carolina!). Do you think Saturday or Sunday tends to be busier and, earlier or later in the day? Thanks very much!

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          1. re: lennoxr

            i'd recommend early in the day, as some of the vendors can get overwhelmed and sell out. saturday, from what i can recall, is usually busier than sunday as well. be sure to askthe folks at the Pit for some cracklins on your sandwich....not everyone digs 'em but i could pretty much make a meal out of 'em!

          2. The website is down at the moment.

            Can anyone post the opening & closing times?


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