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May 26, 2008 02:56 PM

Farmers Market Report

The Red Bank Farmers Market was going strong on Sunday. We got organically-grown asparagus, first-pick Jersey strawberries, organic arugula, scallions, and fresh eggs.

I also saw bok choy, salad mix, radishes. Lots of plants. The usual bread and cheeses vendors. The Twisted Tree Cafe (of AP) has a booth and I got some vegan white bean soup. Really delicious.

Red Bank Market is in the Galleria parking lot on Bridge St, Sundays about 8:30-2ish.

Starting June 5th... in West End Long Branch there will be a market behind Jessie's Cafe on thursdays, 12-6. Farmer Ed (ER and Sons) will be selling their excellent organically-grown produce.

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  1. Thanks for the info Val. FYI - The Toms River Farmers Market is scheduled to return on Wednesday, June 11 and continue weekly (every Wednesday) through October 22.

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    1. re: bgut1

      Thanks for mentioning the TR Farmers Market. I have always wanted to go there but for the life of me never seem to get there. Is it located in Huddy Park? Do u know the hours of operation. Also is there parking available?

      Thanks in advance for the info

      1. re: Babs16

        Babs - The TR Farmers Market is in fact in the parking lot adjacent to Huddy Park and the hours are Noon to 6 pm (but most of the good stuff is gone and some vendors leave by 4 pm). Good Luck.

    2. For all those in Flemington area:

      OPENING JUNE 8th: Farmer's Market at the Dvoor Farm
      Beginning Sunday, June 8 and ongoing every Sunday through October
      9 AM to 1 PM
      Buy local seasonal fruits and vegetables, cheese, meats, honey, flowers and more.
      The Market will run Sundays through October at the Dvoor Farm on the Route 12 Circle in Raritan Twp.

      Current Vendors at Farmers' Market:
      Amwell Valley - Organic Grains Organic Popcorn
      Central Valley Farm - Organic artisan cheeses, eggs, poultry
      Comeback Farm - Seasonal, organic vegetables and flowers
      Faller Farm - Seasonal vegetables, berries, mushrooms, nursery plants, baked goods
      Griggstown Quail Farm - Eggs, poultry, sausages, savory pies
      Highlands Gourmet - Beef: hamburger and steak, baked goods
      JoJo's Flowers - Fresh flowers
      Phillip's Farm - Seasonal vegetables and fruit
      Readington River Buffalo Farm - Frozen Buffalo Meat, seasonal vegetables
      Rise Bakery - Artisan breads, baked goods
      Sowsran's Farm - Flowers
      Storybook Farm - Soaps and Body Care using local ingredients
      Sweet Valley Farm - Fresh Jersey Corn & Tomatoes
      Tassot Apiaries - Honey, candles, soaps and candies

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      1. re: sunangelmb

        The Farmer's Market at Dvoor Farm has officially opened for the season today. There weren't a whole lot of vendors this early in the season, but we bought some beautiful radishes and strawberries, bread and cheese from Bobolink, and honey from Tassot. I love this time of year! :)