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May 26, 2008 02:31 PM

Vegetarian Delish Picnic for Shakespeare in the Park

Oh, wonderful New Yorkers, it's that time again! I don't get to New York often in the summer (I'm more of a Manhattan in the springtime girl), but when I do, I relish Shakespeare in the park. It's been years since I've had the chance to go, and I want to do it up right with some amazing eating. I know I can gather some goods from Zabar's, and that's great, but if you had to go to one place to pack a picnic of pure deliciousness, of serious foody bliss, to go with the theater bliss, where would you stop to forage? Oh, and for the purposes of this post, although the place doesn't have to be vegetarian, the amazing yuminess should be vegetarian-able (i.e., no "Here you can get the best pulled pork sandwich and a divine brownie", more like, "Here you can get the best burrata sandwich and a divine brownie, or or here you can get the best dainty perfectly flavored variety of prepared foods, each of which is more delicoius than the next). You get the idea! I'll travel from downtown to uptown in search of the absolutely tastiest food for the park that this city has to offer. Cheers, fellow chowhounds!

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  1. I have a suggestion. Try the International Grocery on 9th Avenue and 40th Street for a really nice vegetarion take out (perfectly suited for a picnic). They are Greek and have been there for years. The original owners still do all the cooking. Try the Tsaziki (sic), the eggplant, the potato-garlic spread (I don't know the name), fresh yogurt with honey, imported feta, spinach pie, almond cake, fava beans, Afghan bread (must be heated before packing for picnic), olives (I like the red pepper flake-garlic-lemon variety), halvah (sic), dried fruits..... As for non vegetarian, I can't get enough of their Tormasalata (sic) (the roe makes it non veg but it is sooooo good.. I hope your people are pescatarian and can enjoy it! There is also Italian meats (salamis, sopressata, hams....) If you are walking up to the Park from there, stop by the Greek Bakery on 9th and 44th (?) and pick up your Baklava, cookies, birds nests.....Try a nice bottle of Retsina (sic) or better yet ouzo! And don't forget to stop by Amy's Bread on your walk up 9th for cake, rolls and more bread!