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May 26, 2008 02:13 PM

July Pancake Feed-Pines, The Griddle, Gaffey St or ???

Once a year during my birthday month, I get pancakes, and usually biscuits and gravy, too. Sooooo naughty!

Usually, i go to John O' Groats. But I always debate for a long time before.

Do I go to O'Groats again? I've tried every flavor!

Or- The Griddle. NEver been there. No biscuits, but such big cakes, I doubt I'd have room!

Or- Pines Cafe- blueberry and other pancakes AND biscuits. Still never been there!

Or- Gaffey St Diner. MASSIVE blueberry cakes and biscuits. Guy FIeri may be annoying, but these did look good!

OORRRrrr? There's always Pann's or Paty's or ???

Help! I wanna try somthing new, but want pancake bliss!

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  1. My vote goes to The Griddle. Take home the leftovers or auction them off out front to the waiting crowd.

    Diane, did you ever go out after Indiana Jones? I don't recall?

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    1. re: Servorg

      I did, thanks! It was a fun movie! I went to Daichan, had the sashimi bowl with beans rice and two orders of the sesame spinach! Yum!

      Very yummy, but sort of lonely for one. I think I would have felt a little less alone sitting at a sushi bar-but the food was really good. I wanted to try the cold soba, but they told me it was too much food. It wouldn't have been (i was starving) hence the extra order of sesame spinach.

      Had enough room afterwards to go to Menchie's, which was really yummy. I had a mix of the low cab no fat berry, the no fat oreo and the original tart. All very good! I shall be returning to Menchie's a lot this summer, I can tell. Maybe even do a large with toppings as a naughty meal!

      As for Pancakes oh, how I do love pancakes, I am always so stuck. I have two major problems when hunting for pancake bliss:

      1. I love to have them with biscuits. I imagine at the Griddle, I'd survive. I could have both at Gaffey or Pines, but not the huge selection.

      2. I like trying more than one flavor. The Griddle's cakes are MASSIVE, but they do let you order one cake at a time, or single cakes. But they charge $7.00 a cake, they tell me, to do this. Whereas a stack of 3 of one flavor is only $8- $10 or so.

      Trust me, I can handle a Griddle stack (especially with a long hike after), but probably not much else.

    2. The Pines is now called the Habanero Grill - they're shifting toward Mexican food. But on weekends they still offer the classic Pines breakfast items, including what I consider the best biscuits and gravy in SoCal!

      Not sure if with the recent changes they will continue to offer those wonderful seasonal pancakes that they used to have - might want to call first. But yes, go there - especially now that economic circumstances are making the very existence of this place questionable. You may not have another chance!

      1. The Original Pancake house ion Redondo Beach is excellent for cakes. Everything is homemade there, try their hot chocolate with the homemade whip cream.

        Original Pancake House
        1756 S Pacific Coast Hwy, Redondo Beach, CA 90277

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        1. re: JEN10

          I can't eat at the OP house, they use peanut oil on the griddle, and I am deathly allergic to BOTH peanuts and peanut oil.

          Really? It's all home made there? Whose home do they make it at? :)

          1. re: Diana

            No need to get snotty. I think that most people agree that when discussing restaurants that using the term 'homemade' does not imply made in a home but rather that it's made in the restaurant kitchen from scratch as opposed to using Sysco or Bridgeford or ??? pre-made foods!

            Now as far as your question goes, and I've tried the pancakes at all of the places mentioned with the exception of the Gaffey St. Diner, I think John O'Groats has the best pancakes AND biscuits! I also love The Pines Cafe for both items (no real maple syrup offered though) and more but haven't been in about two months, their telephone number was not working a few weeks ago and Vaya Con Carne's post above may explain why.

            Another great place for both items and lots of other really wonderful breakfast and lunch dishes is Thelma's Morning Cafe in a mini mall at the SE corner of Seco Cyn. Rd. and Copper Hill Dr. in Santa Clarita.

        2. I really love the chicken fried steak at the Pines Cafe, but never was that impressed with their biscuits. Also not a big fan of the Griddle, which I think makes huge but mediocre pancakes. If the menu is pancakes and biscuits, John O'Groats might actually be your best option.

          1. maybe these pictures will help in making your decision. opens to pancakes, but there is also a biscuits/gravy picture in the photostream (looks like it would sit really heavy!)