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May 26, 2008 01:15 PM

Dessert--just dessert--in or near Montclair?

Two doting daughters who live near Montclair, NJ would like to take our mom out for her birthday this week, but our budgets are so strapped that we can really only take her out for dessert. My questions are:

-Can you name a great dessert place in or near Montclair, or a restaurant that offers great desserts?
-If our best option is a restaurant, do you think said restaurant would give us a reservation if we're only ordering dessert?


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  1. For dessert, you could try Cafe Eclectic on Bloomfield Avenue. This is a coffee and dessert place mostly, with a dark coffeeshop atmosphere and an eclectic mix of furniture. They have a rotating menu of cakes and cookies and brownies and pies in a glass case at the front. The coffee drinks and milkshakes are good. Not fabulous, but a good option. Here is the website:

    Also, you could try Applegate Farms ice cream. This is not a sit-down place, but the ice cream is fabulous and an inexpensive option for daughters on a budget.

    1. I have to disagree about Cafe Eclectic, esp for daughters wanting to take mom's fine for a drop-in, but if they want a 'special' dessert spot, maybe not.

      In Montclair, I'd recommend dessert at Next Door, which is on Bloomfield Ave right near Park Street. The desserts are delicious, reasonably priced, and you can definitely go in just for dessert; I did just that around 9pm last Saturday night! The rice pudding is unlike any that I've had before, and the serving so large I couldn't finish it; my friend had the choc cake w/peanut butter ice cream and I had to agree-it was like a deconstructed peanut butter cup! The chocolate custard (?) is to die for--and that's coming from a non-chocolate fan.
      There is a municipal pkg lot on the end of the block (corner of Bloomfield and...Valley, iirc) and/or there is another one across the street from the restaurant (Nori sits on the corner of that 1-block street).

      1. Thanks to you both! I love Applegate's, but I do think we'd like to take her somewhere a bit more special and sit-down. Next Door sounds promising...

        1. go to Gencarelli's, on Bloomfield Ave/Montclair (next to indigo smoke). Beside full lunch/dinner ,they have great desserts (we tried two, both outstanding) and a beautiful patio in back if the weather cooperates. Agree that Cafe Eclectic is more for hanging out than birthday dessert...