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Chef's Squeeze Bottle

Im looking for some chefs squeeze bottles in Toronto preferebly downtown. I need them with caps. Here is a link to a picture of what im looking for. Thanks for your help. http://www.wilton.com/store/site/prod...

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  1. I'd be surprised if you can't get them at a Bulk Barn, however, you should be able to get them at either Nella Cucina at Bloor and Bathurst or at the one on Queen East near Parliament

    1. Nella on Queen East for sure will have them. I actually got mine at the dollar store, though.

      1. You can get squeeze bottles at a professional kitchen store like Nella on Queen East or Dinetz on King East and probably at Placewares in the St.Lawrence Market. As far as the caps are concerned they usually get lost anyways, so most of the time the tops get covered with plastic wrap at the end of a shift. In a professional kitchen you would also find lots of BillyBee liquid honey bottles. They come with a yellow cap.

        1. Tap Phong on Spadina, east side below College...

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            try a dollar store, best deals in town!

          2. If you want mail order, Ashton Green carries them:


            They are more expensive then what you'll find at a dollar store or Tap Phong, but I love the wide mouth -- so much easier to fill without a funnel.

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                I second bulk barn. There's one at Yonge 1 blk south of Bloor and one in College Park... among many others.



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                  does this bulk barn still exist? i checked their main website and nothing is listed for downtown except for one way out at leslie.

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                    Yes the chain still exists. I guess they can't make it work with the high rents required in downtown Toronto. As for squeeze bottles I got a couple for my BBQ sauce at a dollar store.

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                      i've already got the squeeze bottles but now i want the little tip caps. no one seems to have them (called all the options in this thread). it would have been handy if a bulk barn was actually along a subway route, i couldn't imagine them not existing at all.

                2. I got my bottles from Michael's Craft Store....the candy making section.
                  Not sure if there are any Michael's downtown.

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                    got mine at Junors (sp?) @ Bayview Village...