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May 26, 2008 12:26 PM

Spargel Season- Berlin

I'm almost sick of eating white asparagus in its many forms, but I'm willing to chow down a few more times before I can't even look at it any more, and then pine away for it until next year. I am willing to eat it in many forms, but I love the simple combo of asparagus, potatoes, hollandaise and ham.

In a previous thread I wrote that at Oderquelle...The hollandaise for the spargel is decent too, way better than the broken, heavily alcoholic crap I got at Borchardt recently, but not nearly as perfect as E.T.A. Hoffman's fluffy, buttery dreamy orgasm on a plate. For one last go at spargel season I would definitely hit that again (with the best schwarzwalder shinken and truffled boiled ham).

The spargelcreme soup at E.T.A Hoffman was also great, as was the whole meal, actually, and wonder why I haven't eaten there before.

Anybody else have suggestions before the close of the season?

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  1. I wish I did. I do have to comment on the spargel at Oderquelle -- as it was the first time I ever ate there, and the asparagus was more than al dente.... I found the hollandaise to be forgettable. Nice tip about E.T.A. Hoffman's, which I have yet to check out.

    Do give Horvath a chance (I saw you wrote about it in another post. It is really good food, and at moderate prices.

    Tomorrow I'm off for the first Henne meal in a year. Yowza.

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      Yay, Henne! The boyfriend is doing his birthday dinner there, and we love it for its direct, delicious simplicity. Yum.

    2. Is it still spargel season? I remember this so fondly as a kid growing up in Heidelberg, but it has been a good 15 years since i had it. I'm in Berlin for one night, Wednesday night, and I'd love to have it again. Sounds like ETA Hoffman is the place to go?

      Any other recommendations?

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        I think I would, even though its not in hip Mitte or P'berg. The Hofgarten is lovely and worth strolling through before dinner, and the food was really beautiful and fresh and tasked like Spring. The 3,4,5-gang menus are a good value- check out the scallops, the tagliarini with white summer truffles, and the asparagus, for sure.

      2. The original comment has been removed