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May 26, 2008 11:44 AM

Looking for suitable place with personality for dinner/meeting for 25 in El Segundo-ish area

Looking for suitable place with personality for dinner/meeting for 25. Can be in surrounding area.

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  1. I am unsure of what "suitable place with personality" means but Flemings Steakhouse has a nice private dining room that seats up to 36.

    1. Recently I went to a dinner/meeting at Manhattan Beach Country Club. This is not very far into the country--just east of the Marriott Hotel, just south of Rosecrans, just west of Manhattan Village Mall at Rosecrans and Sepulveda--but it feels much more isolated. Cooking was pretty average banquet stuff (salmon/prime rib/chicken breast) but was competent with good service. Parking is free.

      There are lots of restaurants along Rosecrans between Aviation and Sepulveda with a wide range of prices, but you would have to call to ascertain the availability of the private room which I assume you want. The Daily Grill (a chain, yes, but IMHO delivers a good meal every time) is one which may have a private room. Parking there is not free.

      The Proud Bird, on Aviation just north of Imperial, has private rooms from which you can look at old planes and watch newer ones land at LAX. Thankfully you see them but do not hear them. I've been several times for the $20 AYCE lunch buffet--it's a large spread of good-to-average quality (I leave feeling value was received)--but I've never been there for dinner. That would be where I would go for a nice dinner/meeting for 25, but you might want to drop by for dinner yourself to check it out. Ample free parking.

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        The Proud Bird has characterful surroundings, but mediocre food. I am a member of an organization that has a yearly banquet there, and the meal is always dull.

        Towne in Manhattan Beach has a section in the rear of the restaurant that holds about 30, and if you're meeting midweek it won't be too loud. Forget weekends, though. The end room at La Creperie in MB might hold that many, but you'd have to park a few blocks away in the parking structure. The glassed-in patio at Darren's would do nicely, but again, parking is an issue.

      2. cafe del rey in marina del rey has a private room that would be able to accommodate your party.
        this time of year it is nice to be able to have a view of the boats in the marina while dining.

        they have valet parking that can easily accommodate your party.

        1. Thanks everybody, I appreciate your suggestions. I think I talked my husband into going a different direction, something casual like pizza and beer. Who wants to be stuck at a long business dinner on a Friday night after working all week. Any ideas?

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            the best pizzas usually come from take-out joints: mulberry, vitos, joes, etc.
            none of the pizza i've tried from el segundo, imho is very good.

            dunno if stick and stein still rents out their upstairs room with pool table for pizza parties, but if so, that might be an option. (last party i went to there was over 5 years ago).